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Proposal to register Cosy Nook, Trafalgar House and the Mitre

Treealtys dy recortey Cooill Skeoigh, Thie Trafalgar as Crooin yn Aspick

Coyrle ronsee three shiaghteeyn roish my vees briwnys s'jerree jeant

Oddagh three ynnydyn dy hym ard-obbrinagh ny shenndeeagh er-lheh ve currit dy leah gys rolley troggalyn recortit yn Ellan.

Va Treealtyssyn dy Recortey currit magh son y Chooill Skeoigh ayns Purt Chiarn, Thie Trafalgar ayns Doolish as Crooin yn Aspick ayns Skylley Vaayl.

Bee coyrle ronsee three shiaghteeyn bentyn rish dagh troggal er ny chummal roish my vees briwnys s'jerree jeant.

My vees ad currit stiagh 'sy rolley, bee'n eear thie oast, y thie oast t'ayn nish, as yn eear oastan er slyst ny marrey coadit veih lhieggey ny caghlaa gyn hoshiaght geddyn kied.

Va Thie Trafalgar as y Chooill Skeoigh livreit veih lhieggey lurg da'n Rheynn Chymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys cur stiagh 'sy chooish lesh Foghraghyn ry-hoi Freayll Troggalyn nurree.

Va Barrantee Phurt Chiarn er votal dy lhieggal yn chied er as ayns ynnyd jeh dy chur stiagh seyraad noa-emshiragh roish my dug y reiltys stiagh ayn.

Troggit ayns ny 1800yn, va'n ynnyd goll er stiurey myr oastan derrey 2019.

Ta Thie Trafalgar ec y traa t'ayn ayns rolley y jantys thie as troggal ynnydoil Chrystals lesh prios shirrit £475,000.

Ta sleih smooinaghtyn dy row paartyn jeh troggal thie oast Crooin yn Aspick troggit ayns y 16oo cheeadoo.

Ec y traa t'ayn ta mysh 250 troggal 'sy recortys.


Three week consultation before final decision made

Three sites of special architectural or historical interest could soon be added to the Island's registered buildings list.

Proposals To Register (PTR) were issued for the Cosy Nook in Port Erin, Trafalgar House in Douglas and the Mitre in Kirk Michael.

A three week consultation on each building will be held before a final decision is made.

If entered onto the list, the former pub, current pub, and former seaside cafe will be protected from demolition or changes without first receiving consent.

Trafalgar House and the Cosy Nook were saved from demolition after Department for Environment, Food and Agriculture stepped in with Building Preservation Notices last year (BPN).

Port Erin Commissioners had voted to demolish the former and replace it with a modern facility before government's intervention.

Built in the 1800s, the site was run as a cafe up until 2019.

Trafalgar House is currently listed by local estate agents Chrystals with an asking price of £475,000.

Parts of the Mitre pub building are thought to have been built in the 16th century.

There are currently around 250 buildings on the register.

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