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Public action group takes a stand against Ramsey Bay Marina

Possan-jantys theayagh shassoo noi Marina Baie Rhumsaa

Ny shlee na 500 oltey ec Saue y Baie

Ta possan-jantys theayagh as ny shlee na 500 oltey echey shassoo noi plannyn dy hroggal Marina Baie Rhumsaa.

Ta Saue y Baie noi treealtyssyn neesht son troggal thieyn noa ayns twoaie yn Ellan, lesh aggle dy jean eh jeeill da'n chymmyltaght.

Ga dy vel shiartanse dy Olteynyn yn Chiare as Feed jeeaghyn dy jarrooagh er plannyn troggee son y tarmaynys, ta Saue y Baie credjal dy voddagh brod ve currit da ayns aght nagh vel cho trome.

Ta kiaddeyder y heshaght Geoff Court toiggal yn oyr ta sleih goll er cleayney da'n eie, agh t'eh gra foddee dy vel kuse jeu er n'yarrood yn eiyrtys ooilley cooidjagh er y voodeeys.

AS GEOFF COURT : Ny vees femoil bentyn rish y vun-troggalys, yn eiyrtys harrys jeh cheead dy lieh thie as thie aaght boutique as ny reddyn coonee elley as troggalyn er y chymmyltaght shen, as ny oddys eh jannoo da'n ard-freayltys. 

As my vees oo jeeaghyn magh er y ghrian girree harrish oirr ny cruinney, foddee oo fakin ee cheu hoal jeh entreilys y phurt. As tra t'ou soilshaghey magh dy jean y challoo sheeyney magh foddey cheu hoal jeh entreilys y phurt, faggys da lhiurid y Challoo Yiarn, as eisht goll harrish oirr ny cruinney, cho leah's t'ad toiggal dy jean oirr ny cruinney shen cherraghtyn, as dy jean ny troggalyn shen stroie dy bollagh y reayrt shen erskyn credjue, y tashtey t'ain er y twoaie, eisht t'ou fakin barelyn goaill toshiaght er caghlaa. 


Save the Bay has more than 500 members

A public action group of more than 500 members is taking a stand against the Ramsey Bay Marina construction plans.

Save the Bay also opposes proposals for a new housing development in the north of the Island, with fears it will damage the environment.

Despite some MHKs having a positive outlook on the construction plans for the economy, Save the Bay believes it could be boosted in a less drastic manner.

Founder of the organisation Geoff Court understands why people find the idea appealing, but says some may have overlooked the overall impact on the community:



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