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Public had a say on prom - Gawne

Dod y theay loayrt magh mychione yn çhooylaghan - Gawne

Ta'n shirveishagh bun-troggalys gra dy jagh barelyn theay Vannin er coyrlaghey lesh dy bollagh, roish my lhunn eh skeim-lhiasee veefortanagh shooylaghan Ghoolish.

Ta Phil Gawne er ny chremmey dy mooar ec troddanee ta noi cur ny trammyn-cabbyl er yn raad-coshee, myr ayrn jeh shalee chostagh nane as feed millioon punt yn shooylaghan y chaghlaa.

Va'n skeim ceaut magh yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie, erreish da tuarastyl scruteyr-plannal v'er droggal ard-voiraghyn bentyn da sauçhys.

Nish, ver yn Rheynn Bun-Troggalys roish plannyn ry-hoi jannoo yn raad ass y noa keim lurg keim - goaill toshiaght lesh keim veih Thie ny Troailtee Marrey gys y Chooinaghtane-Caggee.

Faaueyn dy ren y rheynn failleil dy yannoo baghtal ooilley ny plannyn ayns taishbynys theayagh, t'ad er nyn yiooldey ec Mnr Gawne.

Public had a say on prom - Gawne

The infrastructure minister says the views of the Manx public were fully consulted before he launched the ill-fated Douglas promenade makeover scheme.

Phil Gawne has come under fire from campaigners opposed to relocating the horse trams on the walkway, as part of the £21 million project to transform the prom.

It was dropped last week after a planning inspector's report raised serious concerns over safety.

The DoI will now submit plans for upgrading the road in stages - starting with a section from the Sea Terminal to the War Memorial.

Suggestions the department failed to make clear the full extent of the plans at public exhibition have been rejected by Mr Gawne.

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