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Public health report seeks change in health 'culture'

Tuarastyl slaynt theayagh shirrey caghlaa ayns 'cultoor' slaynt

Tuarastyl slaynt theayagh noa, t'eh soilshaghey dy vod cummaltee Vannin jerkal rish bea ny s'lhiurey na adsyn ayns Sostyn. Agh, ayns Mannin, ta ny shlee baaseyn feddynit kyndagh rish mee-ymmyd druggey.

Chammah as shoh, ayns Mannin, ta nane ass queig persoonyn aasit giu alcoal dy liooar dy ve jannoo skielley daue.

Currit magh moghrey jea (Jemayrt y chiarroo laa as feed), ta'n docamad cur ry cheilley staddyssaght dy chur cummey jeh slaynt as gien mie ayns Mannin.

Foddee oo yn tuarastyl ooilliu y lhaih ec yn ynnyd shoh heese:

Ta'n Ven-Lhee Henrietta Ewart er ve ny Stiureyder Slaynt Theayagh neayr's Mee Averil, feed cheead as queig-jeig. T'ee gra nagh vel y docamad bentyn da greinnaghey twoaieaght ny lomarcan, agh t'eh ry-hoi gaarlaghey yn raad gys caghlaa jarrooagh as reillit myrgeddin.

Public health report seeks change in health 'culture'

A new public health report reveals that the Isle of Man has a higher life expectancy than England, but has more deaths from drug misuse per capita.

Added to this, 1 in 5 adults are drinking harmful amounts of alcohol.

Released yesterday morning, (Tues 24th), the document compiles statistics to outline the state of health and wellbeing in the Isle of Man.

You can read the report in its entirety at

Dr Henrietta Ewart has been the Director of Public Health since April 2015, and says the publication is not just about raising awareness, but paving the way for positive, institutional change.

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