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PwC SAVE payments revealed

Eeckyssyn da PwC son STFF soilshit magh

£24,000 dy hessal row yn eie ry yannoo ayns firrinys

Ta'n sym ooilley cooidjagh eeckit da PriceWaterhouseCooper son yn obbyr echey er shalee y reiltys STFF (Shirrey Tooilley Feeuid as Fondid) er ve soilshit magh.

Ren y skeim ec y toshiaght cur cuirrey er cummaltee dy chur stiagh eieyn er yn aght dy spaarail £25 millioon ayns queig bleeaney.

Ren y Shirveishagh Tashtee Alfred Cannan feeraghey dy vel PwC er n'gheddyn £24,000 ooilley cooidjagh son yn obbyr echey jeant er y vree.

Ta'n eeckys shen son ny ta er fys myr eeckys son prowalys y vun-eie - as bun jeh shen sessal row yn eie ry yannoo ayns firrinys ny dyn.

Va baarail elley cheet stiagh ayn 'sy chied cheim jeh'n chalee STFF, raad va essyl er-linney son eieyn currit er bun; chammahs argid elley as ymmyd jeant jeh son stoo cochianglys theayagh as dy chionnaghey ooraghyn son seshoonyn cur fys da Olteynyn.

T'eh cur y sym ooilley cooidjagh eeckit ec yn reiltys er y skeim gys mysh £30,000.

Ta coyrlaghyn son y skeim STFF currit roish ec y theay goaill stiagh aa-chummey shirveishyn barroose yn Ellan as aght noa dy reaghey cooney leighoil.

£24,000 to assess feasibility of idea

The total amount paid to PriceWaterhouse Cooper for its work on government's SAVE (Seeking Added Value and Efficiency) project has been revealed.

The scheme initially invited residents to submit ideas on how to save £25million over five years.

Treasury Minister Alfred Cannan confirmed PwC has received £24,000 in total for its work carried out on the initiative. 

That payment is for what's known as proof of concept work - essentially assessing whether the idea was feasible or not.

Additional spending was also incurred during the first phase of the SAVE project, where an online ideas hub was set-up; as well as extra money used for PR material and to buy refreshments at Members' briefings.

It brings the overall total spent by government on the scheme to around £30,000.

Suggestions for the SAVE scheme put forward by the public include reforming the Island's bus services and a new approach to legal aid. 

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