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Queen's Pier will be restored

Hed Peer y Venrein er jannoo ass y noa

Peer iconagh y Venrein ayns Rhumsaa, t'eh dy ve jeant ass y noa.

Treisht cho-phobble va currit er bun ry-hoi yn cowrey thallooin y hauail, t'ee er ghra dy chossyn ee bargane soiagh tree bleeaney veih reiltys Vannin.

Arryltee ass Treisht Jannoo Ass y Noa Peer y Venrein, as schleiyn oc ayns jeshaghteyrys, seyrnaght as reirey-shalee, ver ad toshiaght da obbyr er y chied ayrn jeh'n troggalys y vee shoh çheet.

T'eh oolit dy jean y clane shalee costal mysh millioon dy lieh punt, harrish paart dy vleeantyn.

Reireyder yn çhalee Tom Durrant, as ogheryn y pheer echey nish, t'eh gra dy vel ny h-arryltee braew jeean dy chur toshiaght da'n obbyr.

Queen's Pier will be restored

The iconic Queen's Pier in Ramsey is set to be restored.

A community trust founded to save the landmark has announced it's been awarded a three-year lease by the Manx government.

Volunteers from the Queen's Pier Restoration Trust, with skills in engineering, architecture and project management, will begin work on the first section of the structure next month.

They estimate the full project will cost around £1.5m over several years.
Project manager Tom Durrant, who now has the keys to the pier, says the volunteers are eager to get started.

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