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Reconsider IoM cannabis stance, says UK lobbyist

Smooinee-shiu reesht mychione polasee son kennip, ta troddanagh sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit gra

Myr va MP-yn ayns thie s'inshley pharlamaid y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit er-çhee resooney nyn leighyn-kennip, va'n fer-toshee jeh possan-troddan Goaldagh er neamagh son Mannin dy chaghlaa e polasee bentyn da'n druggey.

Peter Reynolds, eaghtyrane CLEAR, dooyrt eh dy row eh feer vie dy row yn chooish troggit ayns Mannin as ny h-Ellanyn Eeaght nurree, as v'eh jerkal dy beagh tooilley resoonaght jeant. 

Ta mysh lieh-villioon dy lught-pohlldal ec y phossan. T'ad jerkal, er y chooid sloo, dy bee kennip-lhee jeant leighoil, veagh cur jerrey er jannoo kimmee ass sleih ta gymmeydey eh dy stiurey ny gorlaghyn as staydyn ta jannoo orroo.

Dooyrt Mnr Reynolds dy beagh jannoo kennip leighoil ny chesmad jarrooagh son ny Crogheydyssyn Crooin.

Reconsider IoM cannabis stance, says UK lobbyist

As MPs prepared to debate UK cannabis laws in the House of Commons, the head of a British lobby group had called for the Isle of an to look at its stance on the drug.

President of CLEAR Peter Reynolds said it was great to see the issue raised here and in the Channel Islands last year, and hoped more discussion would take place.

The group has around half a million supporters, and wants to see medicinal cannabis at the very least available, ending the criminalisation of the people who use it to help manage their illnesses and conditions.

Mr Reynolds said legalisation would be a positive step for the Crown Dependencies.

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