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Report will boost hospital's reputation - minister

Nee tuarastyl foays da goo mie thie-lheihys - shirveishagh

Ny ta currit magh ayns tuarastyl vleinoil jeh'n Choonceil-lhee Chadjin, nee eh foays da Thie-Lheihys Noble.

Shen ny dooyrt Howard Quayle, Shirveishagh Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay, neayr's va'n thie-lheihys er ny choontey dy ve mastey ny queig as feed sy cheead dy hieyn-lheihys syrjey son traenal fo-ir-lhee sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit.

Ta Thie-Lheihys Noble goit stiagh kyndagh rish e chianglaghyn lesh Merseyside.

Ta goo mie yn thie-lheihys er hurranse er y gherrid, kyndagh rish tuarastylyn foiljeydagh mychione paart dy chooishyn bentyn da livrey kiarail as shirveish sy thie-lheihys.

Ta Mnr Quayle gra dy bee yn tuarastyl ny chesmad jarrooagh.

Report will boost hospital's reputation - minister

The findings of an annual General Medical Council report will be a boost to Noble's Hospital.

That from Health and Social Care Minister Howard Quayle, after the Island facility was named in the top 25 per cent for junior doctors' training in the United Kingdom.

Noble's is included, because of its links with Merseyside.

The hospital's reputation has suffered over the last couple of years, following critical reports on certain aspects of care and service provision there.

Mr Quayle says the report will be a positive step.

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