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Road tax system could be remodelled

Oddagh cummey noa ve currit er coarys keesh raaidey

Doilleeidyn er-coontey marranyn reiragh?

Ta'n Shirveishagh Bun-Troggalys gra dy voddagh shiartanse dy varnaghyn 'sy choarys keesh raaidey t'ayn nish er jeet dy aashagh veih marranyn reiragh.

Ta Rheynn Ray Harmer shirrey dy reaghey coarys sassey s'cormey son theay Vannin, goaill stiagh freggyrtyn da coyrle scrutee theayagh er y chooish.

Va ny shlee na 600 freggyrt ry gheddyn veih'n theay, cur stiagh nyn marel er yn aght lhisagh 71,000 carbyd recortit yn Ellan as 683 meeilaghyn dy raaidyn goll er gurneil.

Ta Mnr Harmer gra dy vel kuse dy ghoilleeidyn 'sy choarys t'ayn nish as feme er geddyn rey roo.

AS RAY HARMER: T'eh jeeaghyn dy vel shin geiyrt er y Reeriaght Unnaneysit, agh eisht son fer jeh ny boandaghyn shen ren shin red ennagh dy bollagh elley, as er-lhiam dy feer dy vel shen marran reiragh t'ayn, va goll er lhiasaghey ayns ny hoght ny nuy bleeaney shoh chaie. As ta shin cur er vannyn as lorreeyn eeck foddey ny smoo ny lhisagh ad ve geeck. Ta fys aym dy vel cooish er-lheh raad ta van noa ayd as dy firrinagh t'ou geeck foddey ny smoo na son shenn van, as ta sleih gra ayns firrinys nagh vel shen jonnick.

Road tax system could be remodelled

Problems caused by administrative errors?

The Infrastructure Minister says some discrepancies in the current road tax system could have simply come from administrative errors.

Ray Harmer's Department is seeking to formulate a simpler and fairer system for the Manx public, incorporating responses to a public consultation on the matter.

Over 600 responses were received from members of the public weighing in on how the Island's 71,000 registered vehicles and 683 miles of road should be governed.

Mr Harmer says there are some problems with the current system that need to be ironed out:

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