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Road taxes for electric vehicles 'a move in the wrong direction', says owner

Keesh raaidey son carbid lectragh 'goll y raad neu-chiart', shellooder dy ghra

Shirveishagh Bun-Troggalys gra dy vel y tailley dy yannoo shickyr dy vel 'ronney cairagh' veih dy chooilley pheiagh

Ta'n shirveishagh bun-troggalys er vendeil briwnys y reiltys dy vishaghey keeshyn carbid.

Rere plannyn noa nee'n chooid smoo dy cheint carbid fakin bishaghey as, son y chied cheayrt, bee feme er shellooderyn carbid lectragh cur ronney stiagh ayn.

Ta'n rheynn er n'ghoaill toshiaght er 'aa-chormaghey' yn aght ta keesh charbid goll er chaglym.

Myr shoh ta'n Shirveishagh Chris Thomas dy ghra – ren gra neesht, blein er vlein, dy vel y cheesh charbid tradishoonagh goll sheese er yn oyr dy vel ny smoo as ny smoo jeh'n phobble goll harrish gys carbyd as keesh sinshley er. 

T'eh gra nagh vel yn yrjaghey son carbid lectragh noi cooishyn glassey agh dy yannoo shickyr dy vel ad chaglym 'ronney cairagh' veih dy chooilley pheiagh.

AS CHRIS THOMAS : "Ta stooghyn currit magh un vun er-e-hon; ta trimmid ny vun  elley, er yn oyr dy veagh trimmid cochianglt rish wheesh dy yeeill ta cummys ort jannoo da moggyl ny raaidyn. Dy bunnidagh ta moggyl ny raaidyn ain ta feme cummal seose. 

Ta deanyn jeh polaseeyn theayagh ain bentyn da caghlaa emshyraght, as bentyn da reddyn elley, as t'eh orrin cormaghey eh dy yannoo shickyr nagh vel eh sleih s'berchee as foddee ad goll glass ny s'tappee na sleih s'boghtey, as cosney yn vondeish, shaghey sleih s'boghtey. 

Myr shoh, ny t'er ve jeant ain, ta shin er n'ghoaill toshiaght er aa-chormaghey yn aght ta keeshyn carbid er nyn jaglym. As 'sy vlein shoh cheet nee mayd shirrey feanish mychione treealtyssyn sodjey dy gholl er lesh yn oardagh shen. "  

Agh ta shellooder carbyd lectragh as Coonceilagh Ghoolish, Frank Schuengel, cur coontey jeh'n chaghlaa liorish y Rheynn Bun-Troggalys myr 'oyr son ve mollit' as 'goll y raad neu-chiart'.

AS FRANK SCHUENGEL : "T'ad nish er chur eh er yn un cheim as kuse dy ghleashtanyn petrol ny carbid cadjin as jeshaght lostee cheusthie oc. She goll y raad neu-chiart, as, 'syn aigney aym, t'eh oyr son ve mollit as t'eh gyn keeaill. " 

Ren Ard Sheckter Lught-Reill Bun-Shirveishyn Vannin, Phil King, soilshaghey magh da'n Ving Aa-Scrutee er Polasee son yn Chymmyltaght as Bun-Troggalys dy vel jerkalys dy jig tooilley aggyrt son ynnydyn lughtaghey.

AS PHIL KING : "Y stundayrt Oarpagh, shen son dagh jeih carbid lectragh glen t'ayn, ta feme ain er stashoon lughtaghey theayagh. Shen yn dean ain, y cowrey stundayrt, as choud's nish shen t'er jeet lhien, myr shoh ta mysh thousane carbyd lectragh glen as kishtaghyn pooar ayndaue ec y traa t'ayn, as s'cosoylagh eh dy vel mysh cheead ynnyd lughtaghey theayagh ain."  

Ec y traa cheddin, cha nee ynrican cur er bun keesh raaidey son shellooderyn carbid lectragh t'er jeet magh dy ve arganeagh – agh y bishaghey jeih per cent hene.

Ta Loayreyder yn Chiare as Feed, Juan Watterson, gra: "Keayrt elley ta'n Reiltys jannoo eh ny s'costalee dy ve ny s'boghtey. 

" 'Syn oardyr noa er keesh charbid, 'Ta'n reih dy eeck son shey meeaghyn ry gheddyn son dy chooilley cheint as nee eh cur er immanee eeck dy cadjin lieh-ayrn y tailley son y clane blein plus £6.' 

"Lesh keesh charbid yrjaghey liorish 10%, nee ablid dy ordrail jannoo seose doilleeid son ymmodee shellooderyn carbid. Ta cummys ec y reih dy eeck son shey meeaghyn dy chooney dy mooar lesh roie argid as claare argidoil sleih ayns traaghyn doillee.

"Agh cre'n aght ta'n Rheynn cur oyr cairagh son cur tailley £6 elley son yn un chied tra t'ad geeck ayns daa ronney?

"T'eh jeeaghyn dy vel yn Rheynn Bun-Troggalys kiarit dy cherraghey adsyn as ta ablid sloo oc dy ordrail eh."

Department of Infrastructure minister says the charge is to ensure a 'fair contribution' from everyone

The infrastructure minister has defended government's decision to increase vehicle taxes. 

Under new plans most vehicle categories will see increases and, for the first time, electric vehicle owners will also be required to contribute.

The department has made a start in 'rebalancing' the way that vehicle duty is raised. 

So says Minister Chris Thomas - who added, year on year, the traditional vehicle duty is going down because more and more people are moving over to a lower duty vehicle. 

He says the rise for electric vehicle is not anti-green but to ensure they collect a 'fair contribution' from everybody:

Electric vehicle owner and Douglas Councillor, Frank Schuengel however described the move by the Department of Infrastructure as 'disappointing' and a 'step in the wrong direction':

Manx Utilities Authority Chief Executive, Phil King, revealed to the Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee there's an expectation there will be more demand for charging points:

Meanwhile, it's not just the introduction of road tax for electric vehicle owners that has proved controversial - but the ten per cent rise itself.
Speaker of the House of Keys Juan Watterson said: "Once again the Government is making it more expensive to be poorer."

"In the new vehicle duty order, “The six-month payment option is open to all categories and will require motorists to pay generally half the full year’s fee plus £6.”

"With vehicle duty rising by 10%, affordability will be an issue with many vehicle owners. The six month payment option has the potential to be a great help to people’s cash flow and budget during difficult times. 

"But how does the Department justify charging £6 more for the same license when paying by two instalments?

"The Department of Infrastructure seems intent on penalising those who can least afford it."

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