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Saturday post could end

Oddagh post Jesarn cheet gys jerrey

Saaseyn dy ghiarrey costys goll er jeeaghyn er

Oddagh shin fakin jerrey jeh post Jesarn myr ayrn jeh plan dy ghiarrey costys ayns Oik Postagh Ellan Vannin.

Ta'n boayrd shirrey spaarail argid choud's t'eh jannoo aarloo dy recortey y chied choayl bleinoil echey rieau.

Ta'n foill ve currit er poagaghyn dy phost ta cheet dy ve ny sloo as leodaghey 7% ayns custymeyryn goll stiagh ayns nyn oik postagh ynnydoil son y tuittym ayns argid cheet stiagh.

Nish ta Oik Postagh Ellan Vannin cur stiagh ny ayrnyn s'jerree 'sy strateysh s'noa queig bleeaney echey, ayns jerkallys dy chlou eh 'syn Ouyr.

Mastey ny eieyn currit roish ayns coyrle scrutee theayagh noa, ta bishaghey prios ny cowraghyn post, as tooilley ymmyd jeh kioskyn lectraneagh hene-shirveishagh.

Choud's veagh laghyn son livreyssyn giarrit veih shey laghyn gys queig laghyn 'sy chiaghtin, yinnagh laghyn son livrey kianglaghanyn tannaghtyn Jelune-Jesarn - lesh cummys eer son jannoo y chirveish shiaght laghyn 'sy chiaghtin.

Ta cummaltee goll er briaght beagh ad maynrey, fakin eer tooilley jeh 27 banglaneyn yn Ellan goll er dooney.

Foddee oo hene goaill ayrn 'sy choyrle scrutee theayagh er-linney via consult.gov.im roish 2ah Jerrey Fouyir. 


Cost-cutting measures looked at

An end to post on Saturdays could be in sight as part of a new cost-cutting plan at the Isle of Man Post Office.

The board is looking to save money as it prepares to record its first ever annual loss.

Shrinking mail bags and an annual 7% decrease in customers visiting their local post office is being blamed for the fall in revenue.

Now the Isle of Man Post Office is putting the finishing touches to its latest five year strategy, due to be published in the Autumn.

Among the ideas put forward in a new public consultation are increasing the price of postage stamps, and increased use of electronic self-service kiosks.

While letter delivery days could be cut from six days to five days per week, parcel delivery days would remain Monday-Saturday - with the possibility of even making the service seven days a week.

Residents are also being asked if they would be happy to see any more of the Island's 27 branches close down.

You can take the new consultation yourself via consult.gov.im before 2 October.

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