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SAVE scheme 'not about cuts'

'Cha nee mychione giarragyn' ta skeim STFF

Foddee dy jean hoght breeaghyn spaarail £6 millioon

Ta bree y Reiltys va shirrey er eeckeyderyn keesh son coyrlaghyn er spaarail argid er n'gholl kesmad elley gys ve cooilleenit, ga dy row imnea veih Tinvaal.

Ren claare Shirrey Tooilley Feeuid as Fondid (STFF) y Tashtey  cleayney ny shlee na thousane freggyrt tra v'ee lhunnit y vlein shoh chaie.

Nish ta shirveishee er reih hoght jeu dy ve currit er-oaie, as t'ad gra dy voddagh ad spaarail mysh £6 millioon punt 'sy vlein da kishtey yn ashoon.

Shen foddey ny sloo na'n dean hoshiaght jeh £25 millioon 'sy vlein.

Ren olteynyn Tinvaal Jemayrt cur enn er yn obbyr jeant choud's nish er y skeim - agh ren ad cheet er imneaghyn mychione ny va jeeaghyn dy ve 'claare argidoil trooid dorrys ny cuillagh'.

Ta Oltey yn Chiare as Feed ass-lieh Ayrey as Maayl Tim Baker pohlldal y shalee.

T'eh gra dy ren kuse jeh ny cumraagyn echey goaill dy marranagh cre ta'n dean jeh.

AS MNR BAKER : Cha row rieau STFF mychione giarrey shirveishyn. Va imneaghyn ayn mychione shirveishyn cheet dy ve caillt, agh cha row shen yn dean. Ta'n dean mychione tooilley feeuid as fondid, as shegin dooin goll sheese y chassan shen. Agh ec y traa cheddin t'eh orrin jannoo shickyr nagh vel shin coayl reddyn ta jannoo Ellan Vannin ny voayl er-lheh.


Eight initiatives may save £6 million

A government initiative which asked taxpayers for suggestions on saving money is one step closer to being implemented, despite concern from Tynwald.

Treasury's SAVE (Seeking Added Value and Efficiency) programme garnered more than a thousand responses when it was launched last year.

Now ministers have chosen eight of them to be progressed, which it's claimed could save the public purse around £6 million per year.

That's considerably less than the original £25 million per year target.

Tynwald members on Tuesday acknowledged the work done so far on the scheme - but raised concerns over an apparent 'budget by the back door'.

Ayre & Michael MHK Tim Baker supports the project.

He says some of his colleagues misunderstood what it's about.

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