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Scots MP looks out for Island in Commons

MP Albinagh shirrey nagh beagh Mannin jarroodit bentyn da Brexit

Va'n chooish jeh ynnyd Vannin lurg Brexit troggit ayns resoonaght ayns Quaiyl Hosrtyn.

Richard Arkless, MP ayns Partee Ashoonagh Nalbin son Dumfries as Galloway, v'eh nane jeh queig politickeyryn hug shilley er yn Ellan yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie, ass-lieh bing reiht cairys pharlamaid Lunninagh.

Hug y possan shilley er dellalyn ynnydagh as veeit ad rish olteynyn Tinvaal.

Leeid shoh gys Mnr Arkless feyshtey yn Shirveishagh Steat son yn Oarpey, David Jones, ayns Westminster, laa lurg shen.

Hirr Mnr Arkless nagh beagh Mannin as ny Crogheydaneyn Crooin elley jarroodit ayns ny resoonaghtyn bentyn da Brexit. Dreggyr Mnr Jones nagh beagh.

Scots MP looks out for Island in Commons

The Isle of Man's position after Brexit has been raised during debate in the House of Commons.

Richard Arkless,a Scottish National Party MP for Dumfries and Galloway, was one of five politicians to visit the Island last week on behalf of Parliament's Justice Select Committee.

The troupe visited local businesses and met Tynwald members.

This led to Mr Arkless pressing the Minister of State for Europe, David Jones, in Westminster a day later.

Mr Arkless asked the Isle of Man along with other Crown Dependences should not be forgotten in Brexit negotiations. Mr Jones gave such an assurance.

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