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See the Calf as never before in 360 degrees

Jeeagh er y Cholloo er aght thalk noa ayns tree cheead as tree feed keim

Ta caa ayn dy gheddyn keeall chionnit jeh'n Cholloo er aght thalk noa, bwooise da'n VBC.

Ayns y chied cheayrt va'n lheid jeant ec y VBC, fillym giare jeant ayns three cheead as tree feed keim, v'eh currit magh Jelune.

Ta'n çhaghnoaylleeaght lowal da'n lught-jeeaghyn 'gleashagh' dy corpoil mygeayrt ny shillaghyn, gymmydey çhellvane aghtal ny co-earrooder.

Jeant ec fer-toshee feeshanyn bun-earrooagh y VBC marish BBC Vannin, ta'n feeshan ginsh y vea jeh Ian Lycett, wardoon eean-oaylleeaght y Cholloo.

See the Calf as never before in 360 degrees

There's a chance to experience the Calf of Man in a whole new dimension, thanks to the BBC.

In a first for the broadcaster, a short film shot in 360 degrees was released yesterday.

The technology allows viewers to physically 'move' around the scenes using a smartphone or computer.

Produced by the BBC's Head of Digital Video in conjunction with BBC Isle of Man, the video documents the life of Calf Ornithology Warden Ian Lycett.

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