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Sir Miles Walker pays tribute to former deemster William Cain

Yn Reejerey Miles Walker cur moylley da eear ard vriw William Cain

Obbyr chammah leighoil as arryltagh er ny voylley

Ta'n eear Chied Ard Vriw William Cain CBE er n'gheddyn baase as eh 85 bleeaney dy eash.

Chammah's coorse leighoil liauyr, haink eh dy ve cochianglt rish obbyr arryltagh as va ny oltey bunnidagh jeh Treisht Bea Feie Vannin, as eh ny chaairlagh j'ee rish 36 bleeaney.

Mastey ard-obbraghyn elley, ren eh barganey skeaylley magh ushtaghyn freillt Vannin gys 12 veeiley tra v'eh ny Hurneyr Theayagh.

Ta chied Ard Shirveishagh yn Ellan, yn Reejerey Miles Walker, gra dy row William Cain jeean 'sy ghraih echey er Ellan Vannin.

AS MILES WALKER : Tra v'eh ny Hurneyr Theayagh as haink mish dy ve yn Ard Shirveishagh, dy fondid v'eshyn ny pheiagh kiart er yn oyr dy row sym echey er aase bunraghtoil son yn Ellan, as v'eh cooneydagh 'sy clattys hug er bun Coonceil ny Shirveishee, as – she – yn reiltys myr t'eh ain jiu. Dooinney feer eer scanshoil, as bee eh ennit ass dy trimshagh ec ymmodee sleih.


Both legal and voluntary work praised

Former First Deemster William Cain CBE has died aged 85 years-old.

As well as a long legal career, he got involved in voluntary work and was a founding member of the Manx Wildlife Trust of which he was chairman for 36 years.

Among other achievements, he negotiated the extension of Manx territorial waters to 12 miles when he was attorney general.

The Island's first Chief Minister Sir Miles Walker says William Cain cared passionately about the Isle of Man.

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