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'Smooth transition for trade' between IOM and UK

'Stayd-chaghlaee rea son dellal' eddyr EV as RU

Kied currit da draght Oardagh Unnaneys Custym ny Croghaneyn Crooin

Ta shin jeant aarloo son 'stayd-chaghlaaee rea son dellal' eddyr Ellan Vannin as y Reeriaght Unnaneysit (RU) lurg Brexit.

Shoh lurg da Quaiyl y Chadjinys votal dy choardail draght Oardagh Unnaneys Custym ny Croghaneyn Crooin (Ellan Vannin)(Faagail yn Unnaneys Oarpagh) 2018.

Va'n vote 304 gys 263.

Ren yn Shirveishagh Tashtee Alfred Cannan signal coardailys custym noa treealit choud's v'eh tayrn gys jerrey ny bleeaney shoh chaie.

As t'eh er chur failt er y vote yn chiaghtin shoh, ta shickyraghey y coardailys shen.

AS ALFRED CANNAN : Tra nee'n Vretyn Vooar faagail yn Unnaneys Oarpagh, shen dy ghra dy jean y coardailyssyn custym ain tannaghtyn ayn as dy bee stayd-chaghlaaee rea ayn son dellal eddyr Ellan Vannin as yn RU.

S'lane-femoil eh dy row shen jeant, as she mysh yn un nhee, yiarrin, ayns Brexit t'er n'gholl dy rea, fo ny harrish.

Myr shoh, ta mee feer wooiagh dy vel eh er n'gholl trooid nish, as dy vod mayd ve shickyr dy jean ny reaghyssyn custym ain rish yn RU freayll goll dy rea, post scenario erbee er Brexit ta cheet rish.  

Draft Crown Dependencies Customs Union Order approved

We're set for a 'smooth transition for trade' between the Isle of Man and UK after Brexit.

It's after the House of Commons voted to approve the draft Crown Dependencies Customs Union (Isle of Man) (EU Exit) Order 2018.

The vote went 304 to 263.

The Treasury Minister Alfred Cannan signed the new proposed customs agreement towards the end of last year.

And he has welcomed this week's vote, which ratifies that agreement:


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