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Some coronavirus restrictions may be eased soon

Oddagh kuse dy lhiettalyssyn coronavirus ve er nyn lhaggaghey dy leah

Kerrooyn troggee as gareydagh dy ve er chee goaill toshiaght reesht

Ta’n Shirveishagh Tashtee Alfred Cannan gra foddee dy bee kuse dy lhiettalyssyn coronavirus er nyn lhaggaghey veih Jeheiney 24 Mee Averil.

Rere shoh oddagh kied ve ec obbreeyn ayns shiartanse dy cherrooyn dy gholl er-ash gys nyn startaghyn. 

Ren eh y fogrey ayns seshoon y Reiltys cur fys da ny meanyn Jeheiney 17 Mee Averil.

Dooyrt Mnr Cannan dy jinnagh yn ard shirveishagh fograghey magh tooilley myn-phoyntyn y chiaghtin shoh cheet, agh dy row eh croghey dy bollagh er yn aght va sleih gymmyrkey ad hene eddyr nish as y traa shen.

AS ALFRED CANNAN : Ny foddym gra riu, ta shinyn shirrey, my vees dy chooilley red goll dy mie, dy ghoaill toshiaght er cheet er-ash gys obbyr jeant dy kiarailagh ayns keimyn as kiaddit, veih Jeheiney shoh cheet, son kuse dy cherrooyn, goaill stiagh troggal as keirdyn cochianglt rish, as gareydagh. 

Ta mee geearree ve slane baghtal, dy bee shoh possible ynrican my vees shin cummal seose y smaght ain ec y traa t’ayn as geiyrt er ny linnaghyn stiuree y traa t’ayn rish ny shiaght laghyn shoh cheet. Nee failleil dy yannoo shoh cur ayns gaue ny plannyn ain. 


Construction and horticulture sectors in line to start up again

Treasury Minister Alfred Cannan says some coronavirus restrictions may be eased from Friday 24 April

It could see workers in certain sectors being able to go back to their jobs.

He made the announcement at the government media briefing on Friday 17 April.

Mr Cannan said the chief minister would announce more details next week, but it all depended on how people behaved between now and then, though:

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