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Space is the place says ManSat CEO

Spoar ta'n boayl rere Ard Oaseir Sheckteragh ManSat

Polasee noa y jeadys son Ellan

Ta jeadys spoar yn Ellan tannaghtyn gastey - as t'eh jeeaghyn mie son y traa ry heet.

Shen credjue Caairlagh as Ard Oaseir Sheckteragh y cholught satellite ManSat, Chris Stott.

V'eh ayns yn Ellan er yn chiaghtin dy chooney dy lhunney dy meein polasee spoar noa, enmyssit "Un Chesmad Beg".

AS MNR STOTT: Ta Profeshoonee Satellite as Spoar Eddyr-Ashoonagh ny sheshaght smoo profeshoonagh trooid magh y chruinney 'sy jeadys spoar. Ta fo-heshaght ain ayns shoh ayns Ellan Vannin as mysh three bleeaney er-dy-henney va shin jeant nyn vir kiangle oikoil 'syn Ellan rish y reiltys dy loayrt mychione caghlaaghyn cooish. As nurree haink yn Rheynn son Lhiasaghey Tarnmaynagh dooin as dooyrt eh, "My sailliu, jean shiu obbraghey er polasee spoar, polasee jeadyssagh son yn Ellan? Cur-jee cooidjagh dy chooilley pheiagh; tayrn-jee cooidjagh eh; gow-jee ooilley ny eieyn veih ny caghlaaghyn kerroo; screeu-jee sheese eh as jean-jee reaghey red ennagh resoonagh; as tar-jee back dooin.

Space is the place says ManSat CEO

New industry policy for Island

The Island's space industry remains active - and is looking good for the future.

That's the belief of the Chairman and CEO of Satellite company ManSat, Chris Stott.

He was on the Island this week to help give a soft launch a new space policy, dubbed "One Small Step":

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