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Staffing shortages highlighted at hospital

Genney-skimmee soilshit ec thie-lheihys

Scrutaght jeh shirveishyn son mraane as paitçhyn ec Thie-Lheihys Noble, t'ee er hoilshaghey kuse dy voiraghyn - goaill stiagh genney-skimmee as traenal.

Skimmee shirveish son scrutaght-whallid, ass yn thalloo meanagh ayns Sostyn, hug ad shilley er seyraad Vraddan ayns Jerrey Fouyir nurree, dy scrutaghey cooishyn ennagh, goaill stiagh moirys, ben-oayllys, ynnyd dauesyn noa-ruggit, as paediatreyrys.

Va skimmee yn thie-lheihys grait dy ve jeean as currit da'n obbyr oc. Agh dooyrt ny fir-scrutee dy row genney beayn fir-lhee coyrlee as boandyryn er-lheh jannoo er shirveishyn.

Y tuarastyl, haink magh Jelune, dooyrt eh myrgeddin dy row genney linnaghyn-stiuree ayn, as dy row beggan yindys currit er ny fir-scrutee ec yn earroo dy linnaghyn-stiuree hie er lhiasaghey jeeragh roish yn scrutaght.

Yn çhirveish-scrutee, ta er nyannoo strane dy scrutaghtyn jeh'n thie-lheihys, dooyrt ad dy row ad boirit kyndagh rish genney ynsagh son paitçhyn begin tannaghtyn sy thie-lheihys son traa foddey, kyndagh rish lhag-laynt.

Hooar fir-scrutee paitçhyn myr shen nagh jagh er ynsaghey son ny shlee na keead laa, as dooyrt ny fir-scrutee dy row mee-vondeishyn mooarey goll er cur er lheid ny paitçhyn.

Ren ad cremmey myrgeddin smaght moal er gowaltaght syn unnid moirys - lesh stoo-thie fuyghagh brisht ayns shamyryn-assaid, as skimmee jannoo joughyn ayns shamyr-aarlee raad va ymmyd jeant jee dy yannoo shiast boteilyn dy veaghey babbanyn.

Agh voyll ad ynrickys, obbyr chreoi as slane jeeanid yn skimmee. Dooyrt ad dy row ad jeean dy chur shirveish vie da sleih ynnydagh.

Staffing shortages highlighted at hospital

A review into women's and children's services at Noble's Hospital has highlighted a number of concerns - including staff shortages and training.

The West Midlands Quality Review Service team visited the Braddan facility in October last year to look at areas including maternity, gynaeology, neonatal and paediatrics.

It described staff as being committed and enthusiastic - but said an ongoing shortage of consultants and specialist nurses was impacting services.

The report, out on Monday, also said that there was a shortage of clinical guidelines and a surprising amount had been developed shortly before the planned visit.

The organisation, which has been carrying out a series of reviews at the hospital, said it was concerned over a lack of education for children whose health problems meant longer stays at Noble's.

Reviewers found cases where children hadn't had any education for more than 100 days - saying youngsters with health problems were being seriously disadvantaged.

It also criticised poor infection control in the maternity unit - with broken wooden furniture in delivery rooms and staff making drinks in a kitchen used for sterilising bottles to feed babies.

But it did praise the commitment, hard work and dedication of staff, adding they were keen to provide a good servce for local people.

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