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Steam Packet 'structure' does not benefit Island tourism

Cha nel 'strughtoor' y Phaggad Gaal jeh vondeish da turryssid yn Ellan

OCF gra nagh vel foill er yn lught-reiree Cha nel coarys obbree y Cholught Paggad Gaal jeh vondeish da turryssid yn Ellan, ta OCF dy ghra.

Ta Chris Robertshaw credjal dy vel shoh fer jeh ny ymmodee cooishyn as ta feme er goaill ayns laue ad myr ayrn jeh sess ooilley cooidjagh lurg tuittym 'syn earroo dy cheayrtee.

Ta'n creear s'noa mastey troailtee soilshaghey magh tuittym 8.9 per cent ayns 2017, yn earroo sinshley ayns shoh rish kerroo cheead blein.

Ta oltey ass-lieh Doolish Hiar Mnr Robertshaw gra, choud's ta'n strughtoor jiole magh mooarane  vondeish ersooyl veih'n Ellan, cha nel foill er lught-reiree y Phaggad Gaal.

AS MNR ROBERTSHAW: Smooinee er nish, rish bleeantyn as bleeantyn as bleeantyn, dy vel yn chirveish vaatey assaig ain er ve folmit jeh ooilley ny monnaghyn eck dy vondeish as jiolit stiagh ayns strughtooryn argidoil eddyr-ashoonagh, son yn vieys smoo ocsyn, as cha nee ainyn. S'feer vaghtal eh dy vel y Paggad Gaal er chur e ghreeym da'n turryssid, as er n'yeeraghey e eabyn er arraghey Ellanee ersooyl veih'n Ellan.

Steam Packet 'structure' does not benefit Island tourism

MHK says management not to blame

The operating model of the Steam Packet Company does not benefit Island tourism, an MHK is claiming.

Chris Robertshaw believes that is one of many aspects which need addressing as part of an over-arching assessment following a sharp decline in visitor numbers.

The latest passenger survey shows a drop of 8.9 per cent in 2017, the lowest here for a quarter of a century.

East Douglas member Mr Robertshaw says while the structure sucks much profit off-Island, Steam Packet management is not to blame:

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