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Sudden death of Stephen Christian

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Baase doaltattym Stephen Christian

Fer-dellal ren cooney feer niartal lesh tarmaynys yn Ellan.

Cha nel shen agh paart jeh'n voylley mooar t'er ny chur da eear-fer-toshee Fillym Vannin, Steve Christian.

Hooar eh baase dy doaltattym Jesarn, as eh tree bleeaney jeig as daeed dy eash.

Y fer hug er bun CinemaNX as va ny chaairliagh jeh, v'eh ny oaseir jeh claare-fillym yn Ellan as ny stiureyder jeh Pinewood Pictures, tra haink ad dy ve nyn stiureyderyn jeh tashtey-lhiasee meanyn yn Ellan ayns feed cheead as daa-yeig. Daag eh yn startey shen daa vlein er dy henney.

Ta lught-thie faagit ec Mnr Christian.

Sudden death of Stephen Christian

A businessman who contributed massively to the Island's economy.

That is just one of the many tributes being paid to former head of Isle of Man Film, Steve Christian.

He died suddenly on Saturday aged 53.

Founder and chairman of CinemaNX, he oversaw the Island's film programme and was a director of Pinewood Pictures when it took over the Island's media development fund in 2012.

He stepped down from that role two years ago.

Mr Christian leaves a family.

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