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Summerland tragedy commemorated

Atçhim Summerland currit ayns cooinaghtyn

Yn trass chione-bleeaney as daeed jeh atçhim Summerland, v'eh currit ayns cooinaghtyn jea (Jemayrt).

Va lieh-cheead dy leih marrit, as hie foddey ny shlee na shen er lhottey, ny va ard-ghreain currit orroo, tra vrish aile feer vooar magh ec yn ynnyd turrysagh ennoil ayns Doolish, sy vlein nuy-cheead jeig, tree feed as tree-jeig.

Ec lieh-oor lurg shiaght fastyr jea, va cooinaght gyn jesheenys jeant jeh ny deiney, mraane as paitçhyn hooar baase.

Veeit fir-reaghee ry-cheilley ec y droghad-coshee harrish y raad veih ynnyd Summerland, son cooinaghtyn as un vinnid dy hostid.

Hed cuirrey-kiaullee cooinaghtyn er cummal ec yn Ynnyd Keead Blein ayns Purt ny h-Inshey oie Jesarn.

Summerland tragedy commemorated

The 43rd anniversary of the Summerland tragedy was remembered yesterday (Tuesday).

Fifty people were killed, and many more injured or traumatised, when a huge fire broke out at the popular Douglas tourist atttraction in 1973.

At 7.30pm there was a simple commemoration of the men, women and children who lost their lives.

Organisers met at the walkway across the road from the Summerland site, for an act of rememberance and one minute's silence.

A memorial concert will be held at the Peel Centenary Centre this Saturday night.

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