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Systematic failure led to woman's death

Leeid failleil oardreilagh gys baase ven

Y karragh smoo jeh coarys fockle onnor yn Ellan, t'eh fo raad lurg leeid failleil oardreilagh gys y vaase jeh ben va tree feed as daa vlein dy eash.  V'ee ass Hampshire.

Ta leeideilee jeh'n Rheynn Cooishyn Sthie er n'ialdyn dy bee bree currit da plan-aghtey fondagh, lurg brialtys theayagh jeh'n choarys fockle onnor.

V'eh feddynit dy re fer ass Balley Keeill Eoin, Donovan Kitching, va oyr y vaase, liorish imman danjeyragh, jeh Gwen Valentine er raad Tholt-y-Will, tree shiaghtin erreish da va lhiggit magh ass pryssoon.

Tra va Kitching er ny gheyrey ayns Jerrey Fouyir, feed cheead as kiare-jeig, dooyrt y Briw Montgomerie dy row coarys Vannin er vailleil.

Ta'n tuarastyl pohlldal ny va grait eisht, as ta shey as feed dy voyllaghyn ayn, genmyssey cooishyn boiragh sy choarys fockle onnor, paart dreihghyn, coadey theayagh, conaantyn son cur magh kiedyn, as pooaraghyn kimmee y hayrn erash tra t'ad brishey conaantyn fockle onnor.

Ta'n Rheynn gra dy lajer dy vel ymmodee saaseyn er nyn niartaghey hannah, neayr's yn atçhim, as dy vel kimmee er nyn stiurey smoo niartal na v'ad rieau.

Stuart Valentine, y mac chaill e voir Gwen Valentine, t'eh er ghra 'scammylt' rish y choarys lhig da Kitching ass pryssoon. Ren y coarys 'failleil er gagh leval oddagh ve smooinit', dooyrt eh.

Agh voyll eh freggyrt yn Ellan rish yn atçhim, as t'eh gra dy vod y lheid taghyrt tra ta sleih mie geiyrt er saaseyn foiljagh.

As t'eh er ghreinnaghey ny lughtyn-reill gyn dy chur seose bentyn da Kitching, va er ny physsooney son jeih bleeaney son marroo e voir.

Systematic failure led to woman's death

The biggest overhaul of the Island's parole system is underway after a systematic failure led to the death of a 62 year-old Hampshire woman.

Home Affairs chiefs have promised a comprehensive action plan will be implemented following a public inquiry into the parole system.

It was established after the release from prison of St John's man Donovan Kitching in April 2014, three weeks before he caused the death by dangerous driving of Gwen Valentine on the Tholt-y-Will road.

When Kitching was sentenced in October 2014, Deemster Montgomerie said the system in the Isle of Man had failed.

The report backs up that statement, comprising 26 main recommendations, identifying areas of concern regarding the parole system, the role of victims, public protection, licensing conditions and powers to recall offenders who breach their parole conditions.

The department insists many procedures have already been strenthened since the tragedy and offenders are more robustly managed than ever before.

Stuart Valentine, the bereaved son of Gwen Valentine, has described the system in place which led to Kitching being released as 'a disgrace' which 'failed on every single level imaginable'.

He's praised the Island's response to the tragedy, however, and says it can occur when good people follow flawed processes.

And he's urged the authorities not to give up on Kitching, who was jailed for 10 years for killing his mother.

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