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Talks underway on future of Old Police Station

Coloayrtyssyn fo raad er Shenn Stashoon Poleen 'sy traa ry heet

Cannan feeraghey barganey

Ta barganey fo raad dy oikoil er y Chenn Stashoon Poleen ayns Balleychashtal 'sy traa ry heet.

Ren yn Shirveishagh Tashtee Alfred Cannan feeraghey ayns Tinvaal Jemayrt dy vel coloayrtyssyn er n'ghoaill toshiaght eddyr ooilley ny parteeassyn cooie.

V'eh cur freggyrt da feysht liorish yn oltey ass-lieh Cairbre, Balleychashtal as Malew Jason Moorhouse er y phaart t'ec yn rheynn echey ayns creck shellooghys yn reiltys.

Talks underway on future of Old Police Station

Cannan confirms negotiations

Negotiations are officially underway over the future of the Old Police Station in Castletown.

Treasury Minister Alfred Cannan confirmed in Tynwald on Tuesday that talks had begun between all the relevant parties.

He was responding to a question from Arbory, Castletown and Malew member Jason Moorhouse on the role his department has in selling government property.

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