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Teare: we'll scrap pension supplement

Teare: yiowmayd rey rish bishagh-phenshyn

Y Shirveishagh Tashtee, Eddie Teare, t'eh gra dy der y reiltys toshiaght da geddyn rey rish y vishagh-phenshyn feer leah.

Moghrey jea sy Chiare as Feed, hug eh eddin rish feysht veih Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Skeerey Connaghyn, Peter Karran, mychione y vishagh - shen tooilley argid dauesyn t'er neeck son jeih bleeaney ayns shoh.

Dooyrt Mnr Teare dy row plannyn jeant dy gheddyn rey rish y vishagh harrish ny bleeantyn ta ry-heet.

Agh t'eh gra dy vel pobble Vannin pohlldal ny vees jeant echey.

Teare: we'll scrap pension supplement

Treasury Minister Eddie Teare says the government will start moves to phase out the Manx Pension Supplement very soon.

Yesterday morning in the House of Keys he faced a question from Onchan MHK Peter Karran about the supplement - a bonus sum for those who've paid ten years of contributions here.

Mr Teare said plans had been put together to phase out the addon over the coming years.

But he said he has the backing of the Manx people.

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