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The Body Shop to close

Hed y Body Shop er dooney

Shapp ta mie er enn syn ard-traid, nee ee ny dorryssyn eck y ghooney syn Ellan lurg queig bleeaney as feed.

Y Body Shop, ta ny ayrn jeh Ynnyd Shappal y Strand ayns Doolish, hed ee er dooney yn vee shoh çheet.

Cha jean y possan-dellal e vargane soiagh y yannoo ass y noa tra hed eh magh ass.

Ta fir-hoshee yn ynnyd-shappal gra dy re bwoalley 'atçhimagh' t'ayn, ta kyndagh rish reddyn myr creck stoo er yn eddyr-voggyl, as obbyr ry-hoi jannoo straiddyn ass y noa lhiettal lught-kionnee.

Chammah as shen, t'ad gra dy vel bishaghey taillaghyn son pairkal gleashtanyn er lhiettal lught-kionnee veih çheet stiagh sy valley.

The Body Shop to close

A familiar shop in the high street is to close its doors in the Island after a quarter of a century.

The Body Shop, which forms part of the Strand Shopping Centre in Douglas, will shut next month.

The group has decided not to renew its lease when it comes up for renewal.

Strand bosses have callied it a 'devastating' blow with competition from internet sales and poor footfall during regeneration works cited as factors.

It also says an increase in car parking charges has discouraged shoppers from coming into town.

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