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Thomas 'disappointed and surprised' at his dismissal

Thomas ‘mollit as goaill yindys’ ec ve ceaut magh

Shirveishagh ceaut magh shassoo rish y vote echey noi reillyn plannal

Ta’n shirveishagh polasee as aa-chummey va ceaut magh er y gherrid gra dy row y ceau magh echey liorish yn ard shirveishagh er y chiaghtin ‘molleydagh dy dowin as cur yindys’.

Loayr Chris Thomas ayns Linney Vannin Jeheiney (29 Mee Voaldyn), e chied cheayrt roish y theay neayr’s ren Howard Quayle ceau magh eh veih Coonceil ny Shirveishee Jecrean (27 Mee Voaldyn).

Shoh er yn oyr dy ren eh votal noi’n reiltys ayns Tinvaal ayns eab dy scryssey magh kied dy loayrt ayns scrutaghtyn plannal soyllee, va goll er cur stiagh ayn rere pooaraghyn gear-cheim.

Ta Mnr Thomas gra dy vel feyshtyn foast ayn mychione leighoilid as kiarail y treealtys castit, as t’eh shassoo rish y vriwnys echey:

AS CHRIS THOMAS : Ta mee credjal dy row my heiy kiart as dy bee eh kiart arragh. Ta mee smooinaghtyn dy nee red molleydagh eh as cur yindys, dy row mee ceaut magh ass ec yn ard shirveishagh ’sy cho-heks shen, as ta mee smooinaghtyn dy jean eh boirey er lhiasaghey polasee theayagh ayns Ellan Vannin. Agh ta mee treishteil ayns cubbyl dy laghyn shoh cheet dy gholl er oai veih shen, as dy bunnidagh dy jeanym shickyr dy vod ny raadyn son polasee theayagh roosyn veign er ve cochianglt ’sy reiltys goll er ’sy phaart noa aym myr binkeyder cooylloo.


Sacked minister stands by his rebel vote on planning regulations

The recently-sacked policy and reform minister says his dismissal by the chief minister this week was 'profoundly disappointing and surprising'.

Chris Thomas spoke on the Mannin Line on Friday (29 May), his first public appearance since Howard Quayle removed him from the Council of Ministers on Wednesday (27 May).

It was because he voted against the government in Tynwald on a bid to remove the ability to speak at virtual planning inquiries, which was being brought in under emergency powers. 

Mr Thomas says questions remained over the legality and intention of the defeated motion, and he stands by his decision:

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