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Tin Baths raise thousands

Tobbyryn Stainney cosney thousaneyn dy phunt

Fir-reaghee Feniaghtyssyn Tobbyr Stainney ny Cruinney, t'ad gra dy chossyn immeeaght ny bleeaney shoh ny shlee na queig thousane punt son sheshaghtyn giastyllagh ynnydagh. Hie yn immeeaght vleinoil er cummal Jesarn.

Ayns yn ushtey, va Nick Cain er ny chrooinaghey myr Feniagh Firryn ny Cruinney son y trass cheayrt, as eh çheet gys kione y choorse roish Toby Flack as Tom Parry. 

She Erika Cowen, Feniagh Bwoirryn ny Cruinney son yn çheyoo cheayrt jeig, erreish jee v'er n'eddyn laue yn eaghtyr er Kylie Coole as Suzanne Slater, haink stiagh sy nah ynnyd as sy trass ynnyd.

She Alex Barton-Home va'n chied cho-hirreyder hie fo. T'eh ny oltey jeh skimmee ta jannoo fillym-fysseree mychione taghyrtyn Goaldagh quaagh, gollrish ratçh ny tobbyryn stainney. 

She David Kelly chossyn yn aundyr son y tobbyr s'ooasle. Va'n saagh fondagh echeysyn jannoo ardeailley jeh tree feed blein dy Cheead y Jiass. 

As haink eh lesh 'Ree David' goll mygeayrt y coorse. T'eh ayns Mannin ec y traa t'ayn as eh filmey strane mychione yn aggyrt echey.

Tin Baths raise thousands

Organisers of the World Tin Bath Championships say this year's event raised more than £5,000 for local charities. The annual event was held on Saturday.

In the water, Nick Cain was crowned Men's World Champion for the third time, finishing ahead of Toby Flack and Tom Parry. 

Erika Cowen is the Women's World Champion for the 16th time after seeing off the challenges of Kylie Coole and Suzanne Slater, who finished second and third respectively.

The first to sink was Alex Barton-Holme, a member of a team making a documentary on eccentric British events such as the tin baths. 

The best turned out bath award went to David Kelly, whose trusty vessel celebrated 60 years of the Southern 100. 

And 'King David', currently in the Isle of Man filming a series about his claim, managed to get round the course. 

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