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Top awards for Port Erin Shop

Ard-aundyryn son shapp ayns Purt Çhiarn

Ta shapp ayns Purt Çhiarn jannoo ardeailley erreish da goll er enmyssey myr Mynchreckeyder Neuchrogheydagh Goaldagh ny Bleeaney.


Va'n onnor er ny cur da Mantons Cards ec jesh-chliaghtey aundyryn BIRA er y gherrid. 


Dooyrt ny briwnyn dy hass Mantons magh kyndagh rish strane lhean dy chooilleenaghyn ren ny briwnyn y ghreesaghey, cha nee jeeragh gobbraghey dy haraghey un red jeh'n dellal, agh ymmodee reddyn ec y traa cheddin.


Dooyrt ad ny sodjey, myr yn ynrican cholught Manninagh raink y kione rieau, va Mantons er chur Mannin er y chaart-çheerey dy fondagh.


Roish my row yn onnor er ny cur da, dooyrt Chris Beards, shellooder Vantons, dy row eh braew yindyssagh dy row enney currit orroo ec ny ynrican aundyryn ayns ny h-Ellanyn Goaldagh ta foshlit rish gagh mynchreckeyder neuchrogheydagh, erreish da Mantons v'er chosney aundyryn son shirveish-chustymeyr, reih-troar, margeeys as taishbynys-uinnag.



Top awards for Port Erin Shop


A Port Erin Shop is celebrating after being named the British Independent Retailer of the Year.


Mantons Cards was awarded the honour at the BIRA awards ceremony recently.


The judges said Mantons stood out as having a broad variety of achievements which impressed the judges, not just working to improve one aspect of the business but many elements at the same time. 


They added that as the only Manx company to ever reach the final, Mantons has put the Isle of Man firmly on the map. 


Before being presented with the honour, Mantons owner Chris Beards said having previously won awards for its customer service, product selection, marketing and window displays, it's fantastic to be recognised by the British Isles' only awards which are open to every independent retailer.

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