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'Totally unreasonable' for council to compensate prom businesses, says Christian

'Lane-neu-resoonagh' son coonceil dy chooilleeney thieyn dellal er y chooylaghan, ta Christian dy ghra

Lught-reill reaghey claare argidoil £100k dy eeck aa-yeeillaghyn

Ta leeideilagh Coonceil Ghoolish gra dy nee 'lane-neu-resoonagh' eh son y lught-reill dy chooilleeney adsyn ta skeim y hooylaghan jannoo orroo.

Ta'n coonceil er ve eignit dy ghoaill £100,000 ass argid freillt dy eeck son aa-yeeillaghyn keesh valjagh, er-nyn-son ta earroo dy hieyn dellal er chur stiagh.

T'eh ry hoiggal dy vel ny Barrantee Aghin er Mayll as Keesh Valjagh er choardail hannah rish cooid dy yeearreeyn son aa-yeeillaghyn keesh valjagh, lesh tooilley jerkit Mee Averil.

Ta David Christian gra nagh lhisagh eeckeyderyn keesh valjagh goll er shirrey dy eeck son boirey jeant ec shalee ashoonagh.

Haink ny raaghyn echey ayns chaglym y choonceil Jecrean (29 Jerrey Geuree), boayl ren eh fograghey magh bishaghey 2.5% 'sy rate keesh valjagh as hug eh roish claareyn argidoil son y vlein shoh cheet.

Ta'n £100,000 currit ry lhiattee dy eeck son dooraghtyn jerkit y cheesh valjagh faagail argid freillt y choonceil ec mysh £730,000, t mysh 6.5% jeh'n chlaare argidoil ec y traa t'ayn.

Ta leeideilagh y choonceil gra dy vel argid freillt nish er n'gholl foddey fo'n 10% coardit ec y lught-reill myr 'lieen-sauchys' keeayllagh.

Ta Mnr Christian geearree yn Tashtey as yn Rheynn Bun-Troggalys dy yannoo raanteenys son eiyrtys argidoil y skeim, as nee eh briaght jeu dy chur er bun aa-yeeillaghyn er-nyn-son hene.

AS DAVID CHRISTIAN :  Cha nel eh cairagh er chor erbee, as ayns oraid y chlaare argidoil jiu ren mee feer vaghtal eh dy jean mayd screeu rish yn Tashtey as yn Rheynn Bun-Troggalys. Ta shin credjal dy vel ny pooaraghyn ec yn Tashtey dy chur er bun skeim aa-yeeilley, as ta shin credjal dy lhisagh adsyn cur ny aa-yeeillaghyn shoh. She skeim ashoonagh eh, jeh mooadys feer vooar, jannoo ard-voirey. Bee eh yindyssagh tra t'eh jeant. T'ou toiggal, ta mee foast credjal dy shickyr dy bee eh dy feer vondeish, cha nee ynrican son Doolish, agh son Ellan Vannin plc, agh ec y traa t'ayn t'eh jannoo doilleeid. 


Authority budgets £100k to pay rebates

The leader of Douglas Council says it's 'totally unreasonable' for the authority to compensate those affected by the promenade scheme.

The council has been forced to take £100,000 out of reserves to budget for rate discounts, which a number of businesses have applied for. 

It's understood the Rent and Rating Appeal Commissioners have already approved a number of bids for rates rebates, with more expected in April. 

David Christian says ratepayers should not be asked to pay for disruption caused by a national project.  

His comments came at a council meeting on Wednesday (29 Jan), where he announced a rate rise of 2.5% and set out budgets for the year ahead. 
The £100,000 set aside to pay the anticipated rates discounts leaves the council's reserves at roughly £730,000, which is around 6.5 per cent of current budgets.

The council leader says reserves have now dipped well below the 10 per cent agreed by the authority as a sensible 'safety net'. 

Mr Christian wants Treasury and the Department of Infrastructure to cover the financial impact of the scheme, and will be asking them to introduce their own rebates. 

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