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Trains on a reduced timetable for the rest of the season

Skedjal leodit son traenyn son y chooid elley jeh'n imbagh

Fy yerrey, ta Raaidyn Yiarn Ellan Vannin er chur magh fockley mychione ny doilleeidyn jeh ny jeshaghtyn-traen oc, t'er chur er leodaghey skedjal ny traenyn-bree.

Nish, t'eh er ny eeraghey dy bee ymmyd jeant jeh'n skedjal leodit son y chooid elley jeh'n imbagh, vees goll gys yn çheyoo laa Mee Houney.

Bee ymmyd jeant jeh Skedjal 'V' - un jurnaa goll as çheet eddyr Doolish as Purt Çhiarn ayns y voghrey, un jurnaa goll as çheet eddyr Doolish as Balley Chashtal, as eisht un jurnaa jerrinagh veih Doolish gys Balley Chashtal ayns yn astyr.

Cha nel agh un jeshaght-traen, Fenella (Earroo 8), gobbraghey ec y traa t'ayn.

Stiureyder Shirveishyn Arraghey Ian Longworth, t'eh gra dy vel Raaidyn Yiarn Ellan Vannin goaill rish dy bee ymmodee pashneyryn mollit liorish yn çhirveish leodit, as t'eh gra dy vel ad cur leshtal son shen.

T'eh gra dy vel ad gobbraghey jeshaghtyn-traen Victorianagh t'er vailleil dy mennick, as ta shen feme karraghyn mooarey.

Cha nel soilshaghyn magh erbee er nyn gur magh dy chur bun ny failleilyn.

Trains on a reduced timetable for the rest of the season

Isle of Man Railways has finally issued a statement about the problems with its locomotives, resulting in a reduced timetable.

It's now been confirmed that will be in place for the rest of the season, which runs until November 6.

Timetable 'V' will be used - one return journey between Douglas and Port Erin in the morning, one return between Douglas and Castletown, and then one final trip from Douglas to Casteltown in the afternoon.

Only one locomotive, Fenella (No. 8), is currently operational.

Director of Transport Services Ian Longworth says Isle of Man Railways appreciates many passengers will be disappointed with the reduced level of service, and says they apologise for any inconvenience.

He says they operate Victorian locomotives which have experienced a high level of failures, which require substantial repairs.

There has been no explanation as to what exactly has been causing the failures.

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