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Tram takeover a leg-up for campaign

Goaill harrish tram myr cooney da troddan

Fir-phohlldal jeh trammyn-cabbyl scanshoil yn Ellan, ta cur eddin rish goll er jeigh ny lurg shiaght feed blein, t'ad gra dy jean ad cummal shirveish ny trammyn ny cooish-reihys.

Caarjyn Raad Tram Cabbyl Baie Ghoolish, t'ad gra dy vel ad jeant booiagh ec y naight dy jed ny trammyn er-oi yn sourey shoh çheet - agh t'ad boirit mychione oc sy traa ry-heet.

Haink y Rheynn Bun-Troggalys stiagh sy chooish yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie, ny lurg da Coonseil Ghoolish v'er ghra nagh dod ee geeck son ny  trammyn ny smoo - t'ad coayl argid.

Hed ny trammyn er-oi yn sourey shoh çheet myr ayrn jeh obbragh raad-yiarn y Rheynn Bun-Troggalys, as ad rheynn cooid as tushtey - ny sodjey na shen, bee yn çhirveish croghey er plannyn aalhiasaghey yn çhooylaghan.

Loayrtagh ny Caarjyn, Stuart Mullan, t'eh gra dy nee scanshoil dy vel sleih soilshaghey dy vel feeuid ec ny trammyn - liorish jannoo ymmyd jeu.

Tram takeover a leg-up for campaign

Supporters of the Island's historic horse trams, which faced closure after 140 years, say they will make retaining their service an election issue.

Friends of Douglas Bay Horse Tramway say they are relieved at news the trams are to continue this summer - but concerned about the long-term future.

The Department of Infrastructure stepped in last week after Douglas council said it could no longer fund the loss-making trams.

They're to be run this summer as part of the DoI's railways operation, sharting resources and know-how - but the tramway's future beyond that depends on promenade redevelopment plans.

The Friends' spokesman Stuart Mullan says it's important people show the trams are valued - by using them.

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