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TravelWatch outlines sea services consultation hopes

Arrey Troailt cur magh cummey jeh'n jerkalys oc bentyn da cochoyrle mychione shirveishyn marrey

Moddey-arrey yn Ellan bentyn da troailt, t'eh er chur magh cummey jeh'n jerkalys echey bentyn da cochoyrle heayagh mychione raaidyn-marrey yn Ellan sy traa ta ry-heet.

Phil Gawne, Shirveishagh Bun-Troggalys, dooyrt eh er y gherrid dy beagh y chochoyrle myr ayrn jeh scrutaght jeh shirveishyn-marrey, as lhisagh y Paggad Bree cummal e ghreim-margee orroo ny dyn.

John Pennington ass Arrey Troailt, t'eh gra dy nhegin da'n chochoyrle ve jeant dy kiart, dy bee ny freggyrtyn share as smoo tushtagh ry-gheddyn.

TravelWatch outlines sea services consultation hopes

The Island's passenger watchdog has outlined its hopes for a public consultation on the future of the Island's sea routes.

Infrastructure Minister Phil Gawne recently announced the consultation would take place as part of a review into ferry services, and whether or not the Steam Packet should retain its monopoly on them.

John Pennington of TravelWatch says the consultation must be done right, so the best and most informed responses possible can be received.

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