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TravelWatch supports Flybe Ronaldsway base

ArreyTroailt foayral ynnyd Flybe Runnysvie

Coloayrtyssyn goll er cummal mychione shirveishyn 'sy traa ry heet veih Ellan Vannin

Ta possan arrey son troailtee gra dy nee 'naight mie eh ooilley cooidjagh', cur er bun reesht ynnyd Flybe Runnysvie.

Shoh ec y traa ta fir hoshee y phurt aer feeraghey dy vel coloayrtyssyn goll er cummal mychione shirveishyn y cholught ayns Ellan Vannin 'sy traa ry heet.

Ta Stobart Air er ve cooilleeney coorseyn Flybe gys as veih'n Ellan rish kuse dy vleeantyn, agh hig kione er y reaghys shen 31 Mee Vayrt 2019.

Ta Terry Liddiard jeh ArreyTroailt foayral yn eie jeh lhuingys aer soit ayns thalloo Vannin.

AS MNR LIDDIARD : She keeayl chadjin ee. Er-lhiam dy row y briwnys jeant cheusthie jeh Flybe kuse dy hiaghteeyn er-dy-henney - dinsh ad dooin mychione shen. As s'cosoylagh eh, cre erbee ny coloayrtyssyn vees goll er cummal rish y phurt aer, t'ad dy bunnidagh loayrt mychione reamys as reddyn myr shen.

Agh son shickyrys, she naight mie eh, er-yn-oyr, er-lhiam, dy vel eh cooney dy mooar dy vel lhuingys aer shirveishagh er Ellan Vannin ta currit ayns rieughid da Ellan Vannin. Ec y traa shoh cha nel veg dy chochianglys ec fer erbee jeh ny lhuingyssyn aer ta gobbraghey ayns shoh, myr shoh she naight feer vie eh.

TravelWatch supports Flybe Ronaldsway base

Discussions being held about future services from IOM

A passenger watchdog claims re-instating a Ronaldsway base for Flybe is 'good news all round'.
It comes as airport bosses confirm discussions are being held about the future services of the firm on the Isle of Man.

Stobart Air has been operating Flybe routes to and from the Island for several years, but that deal ends on 31 March 2019.

Terry Liddiard from TravelWatch supports the idea of an airline based on Manx soil.

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