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TW presses need for bus interchange

Arrey Troailt greinnaghey troggal stashoon eddyr-chaghlaa son barrooseyn

Ta'n possan-broo Arrey Troailt gra, jeeragh roish yn ard-reihys, dy re yn ard-chooish son Ellanee ta gymmydey barrooseyn, troggal stashoon-barrose vees cooie da'n chied cheead as feed.

Ta'n possan er hoie ny tosheeaghtyn oc son troailt barroose, aer as keayn, as t'ad er chur faaue dy jean sleih boirit feyshtey yeearreyderyn mychione y chooish roish votal son oc.

Cha vod sleih jannoo lesh 'yn clane assaaraght' jeh stashoon eddyr-chaghlaa son barrooseyn sy phreeu-valley, cordail rish caairliagh Arrey Troailt, Brendan O'Friel.

Ec y traa t'ayn, t'eh gra, ta pashneyryn gyn fastee ayns drogh-earish sy yeurey, as fegooish soiagyn mie ny fys ta seose-gys-daayt.

As eh loayrt er Barel Doonee, dooyrt Mnr O'Friel shegin da sharaghey y yannoo.

TW presses need for bus interchange

Pressure group TravelWatch says building a bus station fit for the 21st century is the key on-island passenger issue in the run-up to the general election.

The group has set out its priorities for bus, air and sea travel, and has suggested concerned members of the public quiz candidates seeking their vote.

The 'total lack' of a bus interchange in the capital is not acceptable according  to TravelWatch chairman Brendan O' Friel.

He says currently, passengers are exposed  to bad weather in winter, with neither good seating nor up-to-date information.

Speaking on Sunday Opinion Mr O' Friel said the situation has to improve.

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