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Tynwald sat yesterday morning

Va çhaglym jeh Tinvaal ayn moghrey jea

Shimmey cooish v'er y chlaare-obbyr ec y çhaglym jeh Tinvaal y laa jea.

Va shiaght feyshtyn jeig ayn son freggyrtyn loayrit, as hoght feyshtyn as feed elley son freggyrtyn screeuit - chammah as ymmodee oardaghyn dy ve currit roish yn whaiyl.

Ghow ny cooishyn stiagh yn Turneyr Theayagh shallidagh, dooney Ward 20, as y Strane-Seihll TT.

Va shoh yn chied cheayrt dy row lane earroo dy h-Olteynyn jeh'n Chiare as Feed kionfenish, lurg da Jon Joughin v'er ny reih ny Oltey son Doolish Hiar Jerdein shoh chaie.

Alf Cannan, yn Oltey son Maayl, v'eh dy ghoaill ayns laue yn chooish jeh keeshyn-sornaigys, as eh smooinaghtyn mychione caghlaa yn aght ta Ellanee geeck.

Cooishyn elley er yn chlaare-obbyr, ghow ad stiagh y treealtys jeh'n Çhirveishagh Bun-Troggalys Phil Gawne dy hickyraghey dy neeckagh olteynyn jeh'n reiltys son ynnydyn-pairkal ec offishyn ayns y vean jeh Doolish - veagh Tinvaal ooilley votal mychione shen.

Y Shirveishagh son yn çhymmyltaght, bee as eirinys, v'eh jerkal dy voghe eh pohlldal son e hreealtys dy choadey çhymmyltaght varrey yn Ellan, tra verragh eh strateish queig bleeaney roish Tinvaal.

Tynwald sat yesterday morning

A host of issues were on the agenda when Tynwald sat yesterday morning.
There were 17 questions for oral answer with another 28 for written reply - as well as numerous orders to be laid before the court.

Topics included the acting Attorney General, the closure of Ward 20 and the TT World Series.

This was the first time since March a full complement of MHKs were at the sitting, after the election of Jon Joughin as East Douglas member on Thursday.

Michael MHK Alf Cannan was to address the issue of sewerage rates - looking at the possibility of changing the way Islanders are charged.

Other items on the agenda included Infrastructure Minister Phil Gawne's motion to ensure government members pay for parking spaces in Central Douglas Offices - which was to receive a combined vote.

The DEFA Minister was also hoping for backing on his move to protect the Island's marine environment when he presented a five-year strategy to the chamber.

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