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Tynwald 'should have voted' on Brexit deal

'Lhisagh Tinvaal er votal' er dellal Brexit

OCF gra dy dug eear Ard Shirveishagh gialdyn dy beagh caa son scrutaght

Ta eear shirveishagh y reiltys gra dy lhisagh caa er ve currit da Tinvaal dy votal er dellal Brexit Vannin.

Va'n coardail, va fogrit magh Oie'll Verree, er ny yannoo soiagh jeh liorish Reiltys Ellan Vannin gyn goll er sursmooinaghtyn er liorish ard whaiyl yn Ellan.

Va coontys er y choardail currit ec yn Ard Shirveishagh Howard Quayle roish Tinvaal, as t'er chur eam er resoonaght cadjin ayns soie y nah vee.

Agh ta Chris Thomas OCF [Oltey yn Chiare as Feed] gra dy dooyrt yn eear Ard Shirveishagh Allan Bell lurg y referendum Mean Souree 2016, dy haghyragh vote Tinvaal.

AS CHRIS THOMAS : Ren mee tweetal cubbyl dy laa er dy henney er shoh, as ta reyggyryn dy liooar dy leih er hellvaney mee neayr's shen dy ghra dy nee scanshoil eh. Myr shoh, ga dy vel mee shickyr dy jarroo dy beagh dy chooilley pheiagh er votal dy hoiaghey jeh reaghys Ellan Vannin, as dy jarroo dy chur moylley as soylley dy ren shin, fo ny harrish, coip jeh ny v'ayns Protocol 3, ta mee smooinaghtyn dy jarroo dy lhisagh y cooyrtoilid er ve currit dooin dy votal lesh un aigney dy hoiaghey jeh'n dellal.


MHK says former Chief Minister promised chance for scrutiny

A former government minister says Tynwald should have been given the chance to vote on the Manx Brexit deal.

The agreement, announced on Christmas Eve, was accepted by the Isle of Man Government without being considered by the Island's parliament.

Chief Minister Howard Quayle made a statement on the agreement in Tynwald, and has called for a general debate at next month's sitting.

However, Chris Thomas MHK says former Chief Minister Allan Bell had said after the referendum in June 2016, that a Tynwald vote would happen:

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