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Tynwald told Manx legal system is in need of 'urgent reform'

Fys currit da Tinvaal dy vel coarys leighagh Vannin feme 'aa-chummey preaysagh'

Bing shirrey earroo dy chaghlaaghyn

Bee Tinvaal shirrit er dy hoiaghey jeh coyrle dy vel coarys leighagh Vannin ayns feme jeh 'aa-chummey preaysagh'.

Shoh fer jeh earroo dy voyllaghyn vees goll er jannoo ec y Ving son Cooishyn Bunraghtoil as Leighoil as son Cairys.

Ta'n tuarastyl noa eck coyrlaghey neesht dy vel saaseyn traenal son turneyryn yn Ellan 'ass date as neu-haieagh'.

T'eh goaill stiagh neesht eam er yn Cheshaght Leigh dy gholl ersooyl veih jannoo seose chammah's yn co-chorp chaghteragh son shirveishyn leighoil as yn reilleyder.

Nee eh goll roish y whaiyl Jemayrt (20 Mee Averil). 

Dinsh y Caairlagh Jane Poole-Wilson da Radio Vannin nagh vel bree er ve currit da aa-scrutaghtyn roish nish as dy vel yn traa er jeet nish son caghlaa.

AS JANE POOLE-WILSON : Va fys ain nagh vel bree er ve currit dy bollagh eer da ny moyllaghyn jeant ayns ny aa-scrutaghtyn shen, as er lheh ren yn Aa-scrutaght Calcott, hug tuarastyl 'sy vlein 2001, cur earroo dy voyllaghyn mychione cummey Bing Smaght ny Turneyryn ain, nagh vel bree er ve currit daue. As dooyrt eh neesht dy lhisagh aa-scrutaght reiltagh ve ayn, ec y chooid sloo dagh jeihoo vlein.  Ro aashagh eh er-nyn-son dy chummal aa-scrutaghtyn as eisht dy vel ad nyn lhie 'sy joan er skelloo, as er-lhiam dy vel imnea y ving dy vel shen ny haghyr ayns ny laghyn t'er n'gholl shaghey ayns ayrn ennagh. 


Committee calling for a number of changes

Tynwald will be asked to accept a suggestion that the Manx legal system is in need of 'urgent reform'.

It’s one of a number of recommendations being made by the Constitutional and Legal Affairs and Justice Committee.

It's new report also suggests that training for Island advocates is 'out of date and insufficient'.

It also includes a call for the Law Society to move away from being both the representative body for legal services and the regulator.

It will go before the court on Tuesday (20 April).

Chair Jane Poole-Wilson told Manx Radio that previous reviews haven't been actioned and it’s now time for change:

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