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UK campaign group enter abortion debate

Possan-troddan ass y Reeriaght Unnanyessit çheet stiagh ayns resoonaght ruggyr neuappee

Cha nel cairyssyn ec y vabban neuruggit - ta'n Billey Ruggyr Neuappee fendeil y voir.

Shen y çhyrrys voish fer y Villey, y Fer-Lhee Alex Allinson.

Ta'n co-choyrle dy bollagh fo raad, as hannah t'ee er hayrn stiagh paart dy 'reggyrtyn ass cummaltee as sheshaghtyn ynnydagh as eddyr-ashoonagh.

Nane jeusyn, shen 'Ta shin ooillley cochorrym' ('We're All Equal'), geamagh er Manninee dy yiooldey ruggyr neuappee 'jeeragh ny hrooid gys ruggyr' son y foetus feer anlheiltagh.

Chammah as shen t'eh er lheimmey stiagh sy resoonaght, as eh cremmey ymmyd y reiltys jeh focklyn bentyn da sleih lesh anlheihltys, focklyn gollrish 'handicap' as 'defect'.

Hug y Fer-Lhee Allinson y leshtal shoh: 'S'treih lhiam my ta ny focklyn shen er chur snee er peiagh erbee. She docamad leighagh y Billey. Myr shen, ta mish er ve gobbraghey marish nane jeh ny draghteyryn leighagh sy reiltys dy geddyn Billey veagh kiart dy leighagh. Nish, my ta snee currit er sleih ec ny focklyn shoh, ta mee cur my leshtal. Veign jeant feer wooiagh ny focklyn y chaghlaa gys reddyn ennagh smooinagh sleih veagh smoo cooie'.

UK campaign group enter abortion debate

Unborn babies don't have rights - the Abortion Bill defends the mother.

That message from the man behind it, Dr Alex Allinson MHK.

The full consultation is in full swing and has already attracted a number of responses from residents, local organisations and international bodies.

One is UK campaign group, 'We're All Equal' calling Manx people to reject proposals introducing abortion 'right through to birth' for the severely disabled foetus.

It's also pitched into the debate criticising the government's use of terms to describe individuals with disabilites, like the words;  'handicap' and 'defect'.

Dr Allinson gave this apology: 'I'm sorry if those words offended anyone. What the Bill is, is a legal document, and so  I've been working with one of the legal drafters in government to actually come up with a legally correct Bill. Now If they're offended by those terms I do apologise.   I'd be more than happy to take that  on board and change the terms to something that they thought was  more suitable'.

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