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Union slams Post Office cuts

Sheshaght cheirdee cremmey giarragyn syn Oik Postagh

Gra dy vel startaghyn fo baggyrt

Ta sheshaght cheirdee er chremmey ny t'ee credjal dy ve caghlaaghyn 'bunneydagh' plannit ayns Oik Postagh Ellan Vannin, as er chur raaue dy voddagh stholk ve yn eiyrtys.

Ta Sheshaght Cheirdee ny Obbreeyn Eddyr-Insh gra dy vel startaghyn, penshyn y wirran as shirveishyn son custymeyryn fo baggyrt myr ayrn jeh plan queig bleeaney dy ghiarrey costyssyn.

Daa hiaghtin er-dy-henney, ren yn Oik Postagh fograghey magh dooney fer elley ny banglaneyn echey, Ardane Crosby ayns Doolish.

Ta'n foill er ve currit er beoyn sheese ayns post tradishoonagh, liorish bunnys 50% ayns ny jeih bleeaney shoh chaie.

Bee coyrle scrutee theayagh er shirveishyn 'sy traa ry heet, ta fir hoshee er chur gialdyn.
Agh ta'n cheshaght cheirdee gra dy vel ny eiyrtyssyn jeh ny vriwnys jeant rolaue, as t'ee er ghreinnaghey y theay dy bee er nyn dwoaie son 'feyshtyn as bai ayndaue' ta goaill stiagh scryssey magh shirveishyn.

Haink olteynyn cooidjagh er y gherrid dy loayrt mychione ny caghlaaghyn cummyssagh, goaill stiagh geddyn rey rish shiaghteeyn as shey laghyn dy livreys ayndaue as dooney skeim penshyn yn Oik Postagh da obbreeyn noa.

Va treealtys coardit dy hoilshaghey magh 'slane gennid dy varrant' ayns y lught reiree as ren olteynyn coardail dy voddagh stholk ve ymmyrchagh mannagh row coardailys jarrooagh dy ve jeant.


Union slams Post Office cuts

Claims jobs at risk

A union has criticised what it believes are 'radical' changes planned at the Isle of Man Post Office, and warned strike action could result.

The Communications Workers Union claims jobs, staff pensions and customer services are under threat as part of a five year cost-cutting plan.

Two weeks ago, the Post Office announced the closure of another of its branches, Crosby Terrace in Douglas.

Declines in traditional mail, by almost 50% in the last ten years, have been blamed.
A public consultation on the future of services has been promised by bosses.

But the union claims its results are a foregone conclusion, and has urged the public to beware of 'loaded questions' entailing slashing services.

Members gathered recently to discuss the potential changes, including the end of six-day delivery weeks and the closure of the Post Office pension scheme to new workers.

A motion was passed to express a 'complete lack of confidence' in management, and members agreed that industrial action could be necessary if a favourable agreement could not be reached.

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