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Unions won't discuss future pay while dispute is ongoing

Cha jean sheshaghtyn keirdey loayrt mychione faill 'sy traa ry heet choud's ta argane goll er jannoo

Queig sheshaghtyn keirdey screeu rish ard sheckter yn RYSC

Ta ny queig sheshaghtyn keirdey ass-lieh fir ynsee Vannin gra nagh jean ad goaill ayrn ayns coloayrtyssyn rish y Rheynn Ynsee, Spoyrt as Cultoor choud's ta argane er faill goll er jannoo.

Ren yn rheynn cur cuirrey er olteynyn ass ny queig sheshaghtyn gys chaglymyn ny s'anmey 'sy vee shoh dy chur er bun possan obbree jeeaghyn er faill 'sy traa ry heet.

Agh, ta three jeh ny sheshaghtyn keirdey ec y traa t'ayn goaill ayrn ayns arganeyn rish yn RYSC.

Ayns co-screeuyn currit da Ard Sheckter yn Rheynn Ronald Barr, ta ny sheshaghtyn keirdey gra nagh vel ad ayns stayd dy ghoaill ayrn 'sy starr derrey vees yn argane feayslit, agh dy vel ad freggyragh da'n eie 'sy traa ry heet.

As eh loayrt ayns Mandate Jeheiney (6oo Mean Fouyir), hug oltey yn RYSC Lawrie Hooper trimmid er y scansh jeh jannoo shickyr dy vel dagh ooilley choraa ry chlashtyn.

AS LAWRIE HOOPER : Yn doolane ta, er-lhiam, fo ny neesht jin, shen nagh vel eh yn daa pharteeas shoh ynrican ta cochianglt rish y choloayrtys shen. Ta three sheshaghtyn keirdey elley ayns Ellan Vannin neesht ta nyn jaghteryn jeh sorchyn elley dy fir ynsee. As myr shoh t'eh orrin jannoo shickyr dy vel dy chooilley pheiagh cochianglt rish y choloayrtys shen. As s'feer doillee eh, er-lhiam, dy chur eab as dy chummal coloayrtyssyn ayndaue foddee oo gra, "By vie lhien shoh y hebbal da ny ard fir ynsee, agh ayns rieughid lhisagh shin goll as jannoo cheb ny coloayrtys rish ayrnyn elley y phrofeshoon neesht." Myr shoh t'eh beggan ny smoo crontagh ny by vie lhien eh y ve.  

 Five unions write to DESC chief executive 

The five unions representing Manx teachers say they won't engage in talks with the Department of Education, Sport and Culture while a pay dispute is ongoing.

The department invited members from the five organisations to meetings later this month to set up a working group looking at future pay.

However, three of the unions are currently involved in disputes with the DESC.

In a joint letter sent to Department CEO Ronald Barr, the unions say they're not in a position to engage in the process until the dispute is resolved, but are open to the concept in the future.

Speaking on Mandate on Friday (6th September), DESC member Lawrie Hooper MHK stressed the importance of making sure all voices are heard:

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