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Urgent motion in Keys over Vision Nine

Treealtys preaysagh sy Chiare as Feed bentyn da Vision Nine

She brock Vision Nine va'n bun jeh treealtys preaysagh sy Chiare as Feed moghrey jea (Jemayrt).

Chris Robertshaw, Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Doolish Hiar, hirr eh er yn Ard-Shirveishagh dy hoilshaghey magh barel y reiltys myr cooish jeh 'preays feer vooar'.

Soilsheydys jiooldagh kyndagh rish failleil y dellal marish y colught ta cur spoyrt-motor er e hoshiaght, t'eh skielley yn aght ta'n reiltys jeeaghyn, ta Mnr Robershaw gra.

Va Mnr Robertshaw feme pohlldal kiare olteynyn elley dy beagh yn treealtys goll er resooney.

Er-lhimmey jeh shen, va feyshtyn goan dy liooar. Cha row agh un eysht jeig currit er y voayrd son shirveishee, agh v'ad bentyn da caghlaa mooar dy liooar dy chooishyn.

Er y chooid smoo, haink ny feyshtyn veih olteynyn noa, olteynyn hooar tastey yn theay dy leah sy Chiare as Feed noa, goail stiagh Lawrie Hooper, Julie Edge as David Ashford.

Hie cooishyn ny feyshtyn veih'n earrroo dy veoiryn-shee er-lheh er ronney, as pairkagh sy phreeu-valley, gys ynnydyn ayns ro-scoillyn.

Urgent motion in Keys over Vision Nine

The Vision Nine fiasco was the subject of an urgent motion in the House of Keys yesterday morning (Tuesday).

East Douglas MHK Chris Robertshaw called for the Chief Minister to explain the government's position as a matter of 'utmost urgency'.

He says negative publicity following the collapse of the motorsport promotions deal, is damaging the government's image.

Mr Robertshaw needed the support of four other members for the motion to be debated.

Elsewhere, questions were fairly thin on the ground - with just 11 tabled for ministers - but cover a wide range oi issues.

They're mainly from newly-elected MHKs who have made rheir mark early in the new House, including Lawrie Hooper, Julie Edge and David Ashford.

Topics ranged from the number of special constables on the beat and parkig in the capital to recycling and nursey places.

The Exchange Bill and the Treasury Bill underwent their first reading, and the highly-anticipated Equality Bill 2016 received a second reading.

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