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Watch out for ICE

Cur geill da ICE

Nane jeh ny showyn-dellal smoo ayns y jeidjys bettal-L, va toshiaght currit da reesht yn laa jea.

Ta ICE Total Gaming feed cheead as shiaght-jeig fo raad gys Jerdein, ec Arena ExCel Lunnin.

Ta'n cohaglym tayrn ymmodee thousaneyn dy leih huggey gagh blein, chammah as faggys da keead sheshaght-dellal, ass kiare-jeig as feed dy heeraghyn.

Ta stall ec kuse dy cholughtyn Ellanagh, chammah as stall ec Reiltys Vannin.

She Equiom nane jeh ny colughtyn ynnydagh t'ayn - ta'n fer-toshee dellal-L,  Peter Greenhill, gra dy vel eh ny chaa dy chleayney colughtyn elley dy chur dellal er bun ayns shoh.

Watch out for ICE

One of the eGaming industry's biggest trade shows got under way again yesterday.

ICE Totally Gaming 2017 is taking place at London's ExCel Arena until Thursday.

The conference attracts tens of thousands of attendees every year, as well as almost a hundred businesses, from 34 nations.

A number of Island firms are running stalls, as is the Isle of Man Government.

Equiom is one of the local companies there - Head of eBusiness Peter Greenhill says it's an opportunity to entice others to set up shop here.

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