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Watterson wants investigation into Island poverty

Watterson geearree ronsaght er boghtynid 'syn Ellan

Loayreyder yn Chiare as Feed dy chur treealtys roish Tinvaal

Ta OCF ass-lieh Rushen geearree Tinvaal dy ronsaghey towseyn dy voghtynid ayns Ellan Vannin.

Ta Loayreyder yn Chiare as Feed Juan Watterson shirrey dy chur er bun bing dy ronsaghey bun-oyryn y  voghtynid as vel polaseeyn y reiltys cooney dy ghoaill ayns laue y chooish.

Bee y treealtys echey currit roish Tinvaal ny s'anmey 'sy vee shoh.

Ta'n OCF geearree neesht dy jean Tinvaal cur enn er, dy vel boghtynid co-nastagh ayn, as yn eiyrtys anooinaghey er fir er-lheh, er lughtyn-thie as er y voodeeys.

Ta Mnr Watterson goaill-rish nagh vel y stayd ayns shoh cosoyley rish shen ayns ymmodee cheeraghyn elley, agh t'eh shassoo er dy vel feme er ronsaghey cooish y voghtynid.

AS JUAN WATTERSON: Er-lhiam nagh vel peiagh ennagh cur fou dy vel sleih ain baghey er daa ghollar 'sy laa ayns Ellan Vannin, agh shoh mychione sleih ta dooint magh ayns aght ny aght elley veih goaill slane ayrn 'sy voodeeys er-yn-oyr dy vel oc eddyr . . . er yn oyr dy vel cheet stiagh cho injil oc.
Un vaght 'sy Reeriaght Unnaneysit, t'eh gra dy jinnagh ad smooinaghtyn dy vel 60% jeh'n cheet stiagh 'sy vean jannoo seose boghtynid co-nastagh 'sy lught-reill shen. Shen nish, foddee dy nee ny nagh nee shen ny vaght cooie er-nyn-son, agh yinnagh shen cur peiagh ennagh cosney £17,400 'sy vlein ayns boghtynid co-nastagh ayns Ellan Vannin. 

Watterson wants investigation into Island poverty

SHK to put motion before Tynwald

A Rushen MHK wants Tynwald to investigate levels of poverty on the Isle of Man.

Speaker of the House of Keys Juan Watterson is seeking to establish a committee to explore the underlying causes of poverty and whether government policies help tackle the issue.

His motion will be put to Tynwald later this month.The MHK also wants Tynwald to 'recognise the existence of relative poverty and it's debilitating impact on individuals, families and society'.

Mr Watterson admits the situation here doesn't necessarily compare with many other countries, but insists the issue of poverty needs to be examined:

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