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'We're not out of ideas' says politician

'Cha nel shin rooisht eieyn' as politickeyr

Ta Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed er vendeil skeim ta shirrey faaueyn theayagh er aghtyn oddagh y reiltys gobbraghey smoo fondagh.

Ta'n claare SAVE ('Shickraghey tooilley feeuid as fondid') kiarail spaarail queig as feed millioon punt harrish ny queig bleeaney ta ry-heet.

Foddee eieyn ve postit er-linney, er-nonney currit stiagh dy persoonagh ec seshoonyn gow-stiagh, hed er cummal feiy'n Ellan yn çhiaghtin shoh.

Hed ny seshoonyn shen er cummal marish Mnr Ashford, Jerdein (y trass laa jeig Mee Averil) ec Lioarlann Valley Chashtal, eddyr munlaa as tree er y chlag; eisht Jerdein lurg shen (y feedoo laa Mee Averil) ec Lioarlann Ghoolish, eddyr munlaa as tree er y chlag.

Bee seshoon elley ayn, hed er cummall ec oltey jeh bing SAVE, Lawrie Hooper OKF, Jerdein yn çhiaghtoo laa as feed Mee Averil, ec Lioarlann Rhumsaa, eddyr munlaa as tree er y chlag; as er-jerrey, meeitee Bill Shimmins rish y theay ayns Halley Balley Phurt ny h-Inshey, Jerdein yn chiarroo laa Mee Boaldyn, eddyr nane as kiare er y chlag.

Ta Mnr Ashford gra nagh vel y reiltys rooisht eieyn.

'We're not out of ideas' says politician

An MHK has defended a scheme seeking public suggestions on how the government can operate more efficiently.

The SAVE (Securing Added Value and Efficiencies) programme aims to save £25 million over the next five years.

Ideas can be posted online, or in person at drop-in sessions taking place across the Island this week.

Those sessions are taking place with Mr Ashford on Thursday (13 April)  at Castletown Library from 12-3pm; then the following Thursday (20 April) at Douglas Library from 12-3pm.

A further session, held by SAVE committee member Lawrie Hooper MHK will be held on Thursday, 27 April at Ramsey Library from 12-3pm; and finally Bill Shimmins will meet the public in Peel Town Hall on Thursday, 4 May between 1-4pm.

But Mr Ashford claims it's not a case of the government running out of ideas.

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