Where next after Paradise Papers?

C'raad nish lurg ny Pabyryn Phargys?

Mannin fuillaghtyn y chooid smoo jeh lhiassaghyn y VBC

Ard-exposé VBC jeh ynnydyn argidoil har mooir, t'eh er ghra, keayrt dy row, cheaghil Mannin dy h-arryltagh y leigh dy chooney lesh shaghneyderyn keesh. Cassidyn jeh drogh-yannoo, goll er-ash gys feed cheead as kiare, as follit liorish colughtyn folliaghtagh as treishtyn, va giare-choontaghyn currit jeu er Panorama oie Jelune.

'Tayrn y curtan' harrish  ynnydyn har mooir?

Chruinnee ad stiagh er-lheh er ny h-aghtyn ta sleih feer verçhagh shaghney eeck keesh y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit, liorish ymmyrkey stiagh etlanyn skiootagh dellal trooid yn Ellan.

Y BBC as y pabyr-naight The Guardian - va nyn ayrn jeh'n scrutaght liorish y Consortium Eddyrashoonagh jeh Earisheyryn Ronsaghtoil - ta'n fer-keesh Goaldagh er hirrey orroosyn nish, ad dy chur harrish lane fys ass ny Pabyryn Phargys, myr t'ad gra roo.

Cre ta shin er nynsaghey?

Ny cooishyn argidoil preevaadjagh jeh keeadyn dy phersoonyn shione da'n theay - politickeyryn, sleih ard-ghooagh, sleih feer verchagh, as colughtyn ym-eddyrashoonagh ennoil - t'ad er nyn geau fo hoilshey coon.

Son shickyrys, ta cassidyn lhottagh er nyn yannoo, mychione y choarys politickagh Manninagh, lesh fockley-magh jeh 'genney deynlys ayns shoh', as arryltys baghtal leighyn y chaghlaa dy chooney lesh shaghneyderyn keesh.

Oddagh shoh ve smoo lhottagh da'n ghoo mie ain dy foddey-çharrymagh.
Agh ny-yeih ny h-arganeyn ethicoil as moraltagh bentyn da cliaghtaghyn keesh as skeimyn shaghnee ayns caghlaa dy reiltyssyn, ta'n ard-eysht foast ayn.

Ren shin  dy firrinagh red erbee aggairagh? 

T'eh foast dy ve resoonit row leighyn erbee er nyn mrishey.
Earisheyryn scrutaghtoil ass y BBC, t'ad gra dy re 'shaghney keesh ym-millioon punt', ymmyrkey-stiagh etlanyn skiootagh dellal syn Ellan.

Mastey ny cassidyn oie Jelune, va'n skeeal dy dooar Lewis Hamilton, feniagh y teihll Formley Nane, lane Keesh Tooilley Feeuid er-ash, va corrym rish 3.3 millioon punt, veih Keesh-Varrey as Keesh-Sthie Vannin, lurg da v'er nymmyrkey stiagh yn etlan soailid echey trooid yn Ellan, ayns feed cheead as tree-jeig.

T'eh lhiassit dy low fir-oik cheesh-varrey ymmyd y ve goit jeh towl sy leigh, as fys oc er shen, as eer cur sooill ghoal er, dy lhiggey stiagh yn immanagh.

Ta Panorama gra dy vel ad vakin lieh-cheead skeim elley, raad ta eeckyssyn Keesh Tooilley Feeuid er nyn shaghney, ta cur faaue nagh vel lughtyn-reill Vannin jannoo anchaslys eddyr ymmyd persoonagh as ymmyd-dellal jeean dy liooar - as dy vel ad chur sooill ghoal er ny cheayrtyn.

Ta leighyn Cheesh Tooilley Feeuid Vannin nyn leighyn cheddin as adsyn ec y ReerIaght Unnneyssit.

Chammah as shen, va cassidyn jeant dy cheaghil reiltys Vannin y leigh echey hene, ayns feed cheead as queig, dy chooney lesh shaghney keesh.

Ta ny cassidyn shoh cruinnaghey stiagh er docamad, raad dooyrt David Vick, yn eear-fer-toshee jeh'n eear-Lught-Reill Urrysaght as Penshyn, dy row 'anaase' echey er faaueyn dy aa-screeu leighyn cheesh son persoonyn berçhagh.

V'ad shoh jeant ec colught-leigh, ass lieh Mark Morris, coyrleyder argidoil soit syn Elveeish, chum skeim chramp dy haghney keesh.

Ren Tinvaal  coardail rish ny lhiasaghyn ayns Mee Boaldyn, feed cheead as queig.

Hug earisheyr VBC shilley caggoil er Mnr Vick, agh dooyrt eshyn nagh row red erbee echey dy ghra.

Ghow an-choodaghey elley stiagh y foawr co-earrooder Apple feyshtey deynlys yn Ellan - va Apple shirrey ynnyd dy chummal yn argid echey.

Vrie yn colught jeh'n cholught leigh Appleby, noddagh shickyraghey politickagh ve currit, bentyn da seyrey cheesh, as beagh eh liklee dy jinnagh reiltys y laa tannaghtyn ayns pooar.

C'raad nish?

Sy chlaare oie Jelune, haink fendeilys smoo yn Ellan veih'n Ard-Shirveishagh Howard Quayle, dob dy row eh er vakin feanish erbee jeh drogh-yannoo.

Agh choard eh leshtal y chur my hig prowalys jeh lheid ny cliaghtaghyn rish.

Ghow eshyn as y Shirveishagh Tashtee ayrn ayns claareyn radio VBC moghrey Jelune.

Va'n hashtag paradisepapers foast beoynal er Twitter yn laa jea.

Cassidyn jeh drogh-yannoo jeant er ynnydyn har mooir as sleih feer verçhagh, ren ad leeideil er ny duillagyn-toshee jeh'n chooid smoo jeh pabyryn-naight y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit.

Where next after Paradise Papers?

IoM bears brunt of BBC allegations

A high-profile BBC exposé of offshore finance centres has claimed the Isle of Man once willingly changed the law to help tax evaders.

Accusations of wrongdoing dating back to 2004, hidden by secretive companies and trusts, were outlined in Panorama on Monday night.

'Pulling back the curtain' on offshores?

Particular focus was levelled on how the super-rich avoid paying UK tax by importing business jets via the Island.

The BBC and The Guardian newspaper - which formed part of the investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists - have now been asked by the British taxman to hand over full details from the so-called Paradise Papers.

What have we learned?

The private financial affairs of hundreds of public figures - politicians, celebrities, high net worth individuals, and household multinational companies - have been thrust under the spotlight.

Damaging accusations have certainly been levelled about the Manx political system, with assertions over a 'lack of democracy here' and an apparent willingness to change laws in order to help tax evaders.

These are potentially more damaging for our reputation in the long-term.

However, despite the ethical and moral arguments surrounding tax practices and avoidance schemes in various jurisdictions, the key question remains.

Did we actually do anything wrong?

It's still up for debate whether any laws have been broken.

Investigative journalists from the BBC claim the importation of business jets into the Island 'is a multi-million pound tax dodge'.

Among the allegations on Monday night were that Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton received a full VAT refund to the tune of £3.3  million from Manx Customs and Excise after importing his luxury plane through the Island in 2013.

It's alleged customs officials knowingly allowed the loophole to be exploited, going out of their way to allow the driver in.

Panorama says it's seen evidence of 50 other schemes where VAT payments may have been avoided, suggesting Manx authorities don't distinguish between personal and business use stringently enough - and have even turned a blind eye in some cases.

The Island has the same VAT laws as the UK.

Allegations were also made that in 2005, the Manx government amended its own legislation to facilitate tax evasion.

These centre on a document where the now retired head of the former Insurance and Pensions Authority, David Vick, expressed 'interest' in suggestions to rewrite tax laws for wealthy individuals.

These were made by a law firm on behalf of Mark Morris, a Swiss-based financial adviser who' d designed a complex scheme to avoid paying tax there.

Tynwald passed the amendments in May 2005.

Mr Vick was doorstepped by the BBC and replied he had no comment.
Other revelations include the Island's democracy being questioned by computer giant Apple, which was looking for a place to hold funds.

The company asked law firm Appleby whether political assurances could be given over a possible tax exemption and whether the government of the day was likely to stay in power.

Where next?

The Island's main defence on Monday night's programme came from Chief Minister Howard Quayle, who denied he'd seen any evidence of wrongdoing.

But he did agree to apologise if proof of such practices came to light.

Both he and the Treasury Minister, Alf Cannan, appeared on BBC Radio on Monday morning.

The hashtag paradisepapers continued to trend on Twitter yesterday.

Accusations of foul play brought against offshores and the super-rich also led the front papers  on most UK newspapers.

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