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White Hoe pump problems lead to sewage sea discharge

Doilleeidyn-pump ec White Hoe leeideil gys cur sornaigys dy jeeragh stiagh sy cheayn

Ta Bun-Shirveishyn Vannin gra dy begin daue cur paart dy hornaigys dy jeeragh stiagh sy cheayn ayns baie Ghoolish, yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie.

Begin daue stashoon-pumpal White Hoe y chur jeh, fastyr Jerdein.

Va foill ayns cooylley sy phiob-sornaigys va feme karraghey dy çhelleeragh.

Kyndagh rish shen, va tankeyryn currit er y raad, dy chur lesh y sornaigys veih'n stashoon-pumpal gys Meary Veg.

Va toshiaght currit da shoh fastyr Jerdein, as jerrey currit da ec nane er y chlag moghrey Jesarn, lesh skimmee gobbraghey car y traa.

Ta Bun-Shirveishyn Vannin gra dy row ny doaghyn-cummal ec Shooylaghan Loch ayns Doolish goll er lhieeney choud as nagh row ny pumpyn gobbraghey - myr v'eh kiarit.

T'ad goaill rish dy row sornaigys aw goll er creearey son tammylt beg, as dy row eh currit magh ass piob Chonister - cha nee harrish y slane traa nagh row ny pumpyn gobbraghey, er yn oyr dy row ny tankeyryn leodaghey yn sornaigys aw va currit sy cheayn.

Ren Bun-Shirveishyn Vannin co-obbraghey lesh y Rheynn Çhymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys dy yannoo briwnys cre va'n red share dy yannoo.

Ta'n stashoon-pumpal gobbraghey dy kiart reesht, as sornaigys goll dy jeeragh gys Meary Veg.

White Hoe pump problems lead to sewage sea discharge

Manx Utilities says some sewage had to be discharged into the sea in Douglas bay last week.

It had to switch off White Hoe pumping station on Thursday afternoon.

There was an issue with a valve on the sewerage pipeline, which needed to be fixed urgently.

As a result, tankers were mobilised to take sewage from the pumping station to Meary Veg.

This started on Thursday afternoon and was completed at 1am on Saturday, with staff working around the clock.

Manx Utilities says during the period the pumps were off as the holding tanks at Loch Promenade in Douglas filled, as they are designed to do.

It admits for a short period raw sewage was screened (sieved, effectively) and sent out to sea via the Conister outfall, not for the full duration of the outage, however, as the tankers were in operation to reduce this.

Manx Utilities worked with DEFA during the operation, deciding what was best to do.

The pumping station is fully operational again with sewage going directly to Meary Veg.

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