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Winter Hill disaster victims remembered

Cooinaghtyn er dreihyn atçhim Chronk Geuree

Haggil mysh lieh-cheead dy leih ry-cheilley ec cooinaghtane moghrey Jelune, dy chur ayns cooinaghtyn queig-jeig as feed dy leih hooar baase ayns atçhim Chronk Geuree, sy vlein nuy cheead jeig, hoght-jeig as daeed.

Yn çhirveish yiare, ec Cooill y Ree, Balley Keeill Eoin, v'ee er ny stiurey ec yn Arrymagh Leslie Guthrie.

Ny h-enmyn jeusyn hooar baase, v'ad er nyn lhaih magh, roish my row daan screeuit liorish Kathleen Fargher er ny aaloayrt.

Va Margery Fargher nane jeusyn va kionfenish - hooar e dooinney baase sy smoash.

Winter Hill disaster victims remembered

Around fifty people gathered at a memorial on Monday morning, to commemorate the 35 who died in the Winter Hill disaster of 1958.

The short service, at Cooill y Ree, St Johns, was conducted by the Reverend Leslie Guthrie.

The names of those who died were read out, before a poem by Kathleen Fargher was recited.

Margery Fargher was one of those in attendance - her husband died in the crash.

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