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Manx Word of the Day - Mathilde, Ferris and Orryn

This week (8th June '20) would have been Race Week, the 2nd week of TT Fortnight. Obviously the racing was cancelled this year due to the pandemic, but we kept the spirit of the festival alive as Mathilde, Ferris and Orryn brought us a selection of Manx Words themed on the TT Races.

How many do you know?  Can you guess what they might be? Listen to the clips to hear the answers and how they should be pronounced. Perhaps you can try and include some in your daily conversation? Aigh vie as gow soylley jeh (good luck and enjoy!)

Roar Bree:


Coorse y Clieau:

Rock the Cows (we reversed this one and gave the English - see if you can guess what famous area on the TT course it is in Manx!)