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On the programme this week, Chair of the Manx Amateur Drama Federation joins us to talk about the One Act Play Festival, we have an opportunity for you to represent the Isle of Man this summer and we’ll be speaking to Artist Elaine Robinson about the unique art project she took to the UK Parliament.

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Sharon Walker, Chair of the Manx Amateur Drama Federation is our first guest today, she’s here to tell us everything we need to know about the One Act Play Festival.

Now you may have heard me speaking to Christy De Haven on the Sunday Soundtrack a couple of weekends ago, opening the Call for Artists to represent the Isle of Man at this year’s Interceltic Festival in Lorient. You have until Thursday, 28th of February to send four examples of your work to sjhendy@gmail.com .


Although the exhibition cannot feature works for sale, it’s an unrivalled opportunity to celebrate and share our unique Celtic culture with the world - it’s a privilege to be invited as a nation so it’s our time to shine & show the world what’s going on creatively on the Island. The festival lasts for ten days, with the exhibition lasting for one week (Saturday to Sunday) and the selected artist is invited to attend the whole festival though full attendance is not necessary. If you’re thinking of applying, you should be able to travel to the festival for the exhibition setup & exhibition opening but may decide to return home before the end of the festival.

Artists from each Celtic nation represented at the exhibition are asked to spend time with their display during the afternoon opening hours to meet & greet visitors (lovely interpreters will be present at all times!).

The Festival cover the Artist’s transport and accommodation, plus some meals and an entry pass to the public areas of the festival!  All of these details and more are available on the Spotlight blog, but to give you a flavour of this incredible festival, we hear from last year’s Artist, Janet Lees.


Someone whose work has been inspiring many of late, is Elaine Robinson from Barrow-In-Furness. She has been travelling the length and breadth of the United Kingdom creating a one-of-a-kind collaborative work with people from all walks of life.


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Have a lovely creative week!